How to Write a Good Thesis Proposal Writing

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Date:  2021-03-24

A thesis is a long piece of writing that gives a detailed explanation of a concept or that help to prove an idea idea in well organized and planned writing. A thesis is mainly written in different levels of education starting for the University for assentation of a degree and covers a specific narrow field of study. Thesis proposals writing employs different research methods that supports the writers stated idea in the specific research field. There are different types of a thesis proposal writing that can be carried out by the researcher to justify the concept in mind. Thesis proposal writing should be controlled in that; exploring a given variable in relation to other variables, the research does not affect the other factors. Moreover, thesis proposal writing is a vigorous and precise and given procedures has to be followed in its statement. There are different types of a thesis writing classified according to how they help to prove the writers idea.

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How does a thesis proposal help in learners academics?

Thesis proposal help to discover new knowledge and this involves the discovery of new facts, their correlational interpretation and practical application in the current world and in the future. A thesis proposal statement can challenge an already existing theory or idea on a given concept and give an alternative justifiable explanation for the same, therefore, a thesis proposal writing helps to explain further an existing definition of a concept. In addition, thesis proposal help to describe a phenomena with accurate identification of any event through its detailed problem description. Moreover, thesis proposal writing helps to explain the correlation between two different concepts and give a legible relational explanation between them. Thesis proposals have always been the source of solutions to problems facing the world and therefore, a well stated and researched thesis proposal helps to predict the future problems, trends in in phenomena and hence helps the learners to prepare for the future changes. A future prediction stated in a thesis proposal paper help to control the researched phenomenon, eg. A disease, a natural epidemic like floods, El Nino rains among many other probable research topics. Thesis proposal writing helps the learners to develop a theory on a given specified area of study. The thesis helps to explain in detailed manner why a given phenomenon happens the way it is. This therefore explains the basics of application science since every scientific prove today was once a theory with no basic reality in it.

An overview of the steps in writing a good thesis proposal

A research proposal should include an introduction. This gives a general overview of the problem to be discussed. Preceding the introduction of thesis statement is the problem statement in which the researcher defines the specific question to address in the research paper. The researcher proposes probable solutions to the stated problem through intensive research analysis of the problem. Other minor parts of a thesis proposal such as the cover letter, abstract, Table of content, background of the research and research budget should also be included.

Thesis proposal writing is very helpful in the world of studies. It helps as the basis through which every learner proves the idea he or she deems relevant in a given field of study. A well stated and researched thesis topic can very helpful in solving problems, today and the days forthcoming. However, a research topic must meet the basic requirements of justifiability and systematic presentation of the idea. The research proposal must be empirical in that the conclusion from the research are drawn from hard evidence gathered from real life experiences and observations.

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