Young People's Lifestyle: Survey Analysis & Insights - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-16


The survey was done to a group of young people to find out about their lifestyle and the surrounding environment. Most questions revolved around their gender, age, education, number of years taken in college, the lifestyle of parents, year of birth, and the surrounding relatives. The method used was questionnaires, where all participants were asked questions that revolve around the people they live with, including their lifestyle. One way this analysis was reduced was by enquiring whether they had children, and how they relate with each other (Spencer-Waterman, 2013). This has made it more comfortable because of strategies used if they are using their phones, while they are outside, or when they are watching the television. This paper elaborates more about gender, age, and how it affects the character of an individual.

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The best thing about this method is that it gives a detailed analysis of the kind of life they have lived. The value used in the group is represented in columns, rows, and sub-raws of the summary table presented below. A generated report also shows the unique set of the break variables. The data below represents how the participants change due to environmental factors such as how the environment influences (Spencer-Waterman, 2013). The results show that most participants were female. After passing through various questions, it was discovered that when children were around them, they were very playful when near them but from far they were more affectionate towards men.

The question on their characters towards other people and when they are alone showed that the environment makes them portray different characters. The results also show how the ladies behave when the relatives are around and how patient they become near their family members. The results also show how people around them behave. For instance, most kids were seen to be smart, playful and silly. Some of them were laid back, outgoing and happy based on either the mood they had or people that surrounded them (Ovilia, 2018). This made them look more robust, creative and responsible. However, some kids had emotions when they were near their big sisters. Most kids also saw the older ladies as role models, and this generated positive growth for the children.

The results of the survey were also focusing on the birth order and how it changes someone characters. For an instant, the young were taught how to be responsible at a tender age. As a result, kids become more social when interacting with family members. The statistical tests which revolved around asking questions gave everyone the opportunities to display what they like and don't like (Ovilia, 2018). This method also shed more light on the feelings the kids had towards the adults. This was a clear indication that when kids are close to energetic people, they also become active. The results, therefore, proved that the environment a person is in determines their characters.


Gender and age tell more about a person and how they relate with each other. The results of the survey elaborate more that women connect to children faster than men. The method of questionnaires also shows that women have higher chances of sharing their personal lives than men. Children also displayed similar characters to ladies, especially when they were communicating with each other. For instance, when the ladies interacted with kids, they were more aggressive and entertaining than when left alone. There was a good relationship displayed between the ladies and kids.


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