Paper Example on Communication Models: Mythology Theory

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Date:  2022-07-17


Myths try to explain the issues surrounding the existence and behavior of natural phenomena. However, they cannot be proved, and the reality of what they try to imply is in the domain of the human beings. They explain the nature and how certain properties came into existence. Researched in the paper is the rational creation myth theory. It is a theory which tries to explain how the things composing nature came into existence from the very first beginning. It helps the people in the society to satiate their curiosity regarding the origin of such things as life. It thus helps in restoring peace and stability among the people with a settled sense of knowledge regarding the origin of all the elements. The rational myth theory in the paper focuses on the creation theory on the origin of the universe. Explained is the state of the earth before the gods took an initiative of creativity to come up with something of its kinds. Such things include mountains, the strips on animals such as zebras, the creation of air in the universe, the creation of valleys, vegetation and the tendency of many more other things in nature to behave in the way they do. Also, brought out in the research paper are the combination of elements and substances used by gods and goddess to create such things which occur naturally to us. In this case, the gods and goddess were able to employ a mechanism of command, demanding that specific materials be available for the use in the tasks which they were meant for. The gods and goddesses are explained as being supernatural and had special powers to mould anything as per their wishes. It thus explains how things in nature came into existence.

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As the research paper progresses, expounded are also the methods and procedures that the gods and goddesses followed in the creation of the natural phenomena which are being explained. In the process, the human beings can conceptualize on the behaviors of natural wonders, things in understanding the steps taken by the supernatural forces of gods and goddess to create the naturally occurring things in nature. As the rational theory expounding goes along, there is the explanation and revelation on the systems and circumstances in which the gods were able to employ in ensuring the infinite existence of the things they had implanted on the earth's surface. They include such things as water, human beings and the all the other phenomena interrelating in one way or another with the other events. Hence, creation myths douse the rhetoric regarding the behavior of certain natural aspects hitherto ringing in the human mind.


There are resources to be gained from the research on the rational creation myth theory. They include the knowledge on the behavior of the very first beginning before the creation of the naturally existing aspects on the earth's surface. The way the gods and goddesses came into existence with their supernatural spirit forms and powers is also brought about. The resources concerning the substances used by gods and goddesses are also brought out in the research for the benefit of knowledge to the intended readers. There are also the procedures employed by gods and goddesses in creating the natural things, clearly indicated in the research as an essential resource to be gained from the research outcomes.

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