Why I Would be a Good Fit for Osteopathic Medicine? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-06-23


I remember when I was younger and in grade school playing with my friends who were also my neighbors Sarah and Michael Joseph by the large tree in our shared garden. A neighborhood boy had hit a bird with a sling, and as we watched it lie helplessly, I had an idea to apply an antiseptic on its wounds and wrap its injured leg with tape. While it looked like an innocent and naive venture at the time, I was amazed a few days later when the bird limped off and eventually flew away. I was never interested in medicine and had a deep fascination with mechanics and automotive but it is the fulfillment that the almost healing power that a human being could possess that stuck with me.

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My Academic Journey

A few years down the lane, I was accepted at the University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, BC where I was a distinguished graduate in Bachelor of Science in biology. I wanted to satisfy my deep curiosity and fascination with animal biology and in particular the physiology and cell or developmental biology. It was from my experience in those formative years in our shared garden when I would be all alone digging up the warms and dissecting them that I hungry for so much.

Education and Research

I was among the students that participated in identifying exon location by discovering potential splice sites using software including UCSC Genome Browser, NCBI/BLAST, Fly-Base, and Gene Record Finder. My understanding of processes at biological levels structure and functions of organisms further entrenches my passion for Osteopathic medicine though at the time it was far from my mind. I gained knowledge in the place of biological science in social development.

Experience as a Volunteer

When I eventually volunteered as a distress line worker at the Vancouver Crises Centre, I was oblivious of the challenges, and the dire need for what I later came to realize was the inadequate skills that I possessed there was in society. Therefore, the power of empathy dominated the scene as I felt for the callers at my new venture. I received calls which ranged from high-risk callers who were ready to end their own lives to callers who posed a low risk to themselves and just felt the need to connect and feel wanted. The situation gave me an ability to communicate with individuals rather than treat them as just another case of statistic on a PDF sheet.

Work Experience

But it is my work at the F.A.N.T Childcare Centre as a behavioral interventionist which meant that I had increased social interaction with vulnerable children that finally shaped my decision to enroll for Osteopathic medicine. I realized that doctors and nursed are sometimes too busy to give enough attention to the needs of every patient. I realized that in addition to studying all the subjects that a medical practitioner is required to, I would need to devote more time to train in osteopathic manipulative medicine which would give me the skills to develops hands-on techniques restore locomotion reduce pain and help restore the body's natural functions. It is this approach holistic approach to the structure of a body which comes from the understanding that a problem in a body structure affects function in another area. The ability to devote more time to a patient while armed with such an understanding was crucial in my decision to study Osteopathic medicine


I find that my path through to my decision to study Osteopathic medicine is made possible by the appreciation for manipulative medicine and the experiences I have had from my early years to be able to make a substantive difference in the life of an individual patient.

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