What Is the Best Way for College Students to Balance Work, Studying, Classes and Social Life? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-19


With consideration to the pressure that exists in completing the course work, trying to at least enjoy your college experience and at the same time paying for the school, sometimes life experience may be quite overwhelming to describe the least. Therefore between maintaining the social life, working together with the school work it may seem like a very difficult task to get everything running smooth. There an individual might feel stressed and always having trouble in maintaining a running schedule. However, there are several steps as a college student that one can apply to ensure that they live a comfortable life and feel like human beings even though they are college students and really stressed up students. Below are some of the steps that can improve the conditions of the student and enable them to balance their work, social life and study time.

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Keep an Updated Schedule

This is always the best practice that any successful student needs to apply, take your time in a very sober manner and schedule your class work schedule for the whole semester together with the time that may be consumed with assignment and examination so that you have a proper guiding schedule that might improve your academic performance. The student at the same time needs to set aside specific time throughout the week for such practices like laundry, doing homework and going for the gym as this will assist in improving the social life of the student. In a situation that the student works in retail and have a well-organized schedule that runs throughout the week then it can be very difficult to stay inconsistency with your plans and thus the general physical and social well being of the person will be improved. If this can be the situation then you need to properly design your work schedule n whatever case you find out that you have a job throughout the week and generally find your work hours.

Work Ahead

Through procrastinating, you are allowing the intensity of your to-do list to grow into a very intimidating amount of work and compilation of a huge amount of work. In a situation that you compile a lot, of work then you will find out that it not even motivational to start doing the task. Therefore getting ahead in terms of class course work reading, the assignment will greatly help to reduce the procrastination based stress and at the same time giving you a lot of room and time to hang out with friends and this will highly improve your social life. Therefore working ahead can enable you to balance your social life together with the class work and thus your general performance is most likely to improve both in health issue and academic performance.

Get a Good Night Sleep

In several types of research, we get to know about the health benefits of getting enough sleep and this runs from maintaining a strong immune system and at the same time improving our mood. But in several cases, we seldom tend to implement this kind of advice. Sometimes we tend to be loaded with a lot of work due to poor planning that the intensity of stress that we have to implement the same task prevent us fro even having a better sleep that is really significant for our lives. Research shows that if you really take time to improve the quality of your sleeping then you stress level will automatically go down and you will have time to think more clearly and at the same time take fewer mistakes in your work which is really very important for your well being.

Prioritize Your Work

You need to properly organize your work in a way that is meaningful based on the time you have papers, projects and other events that are due so that you don't have a load of work and this will enable you to improve your performance. Recurring things such as homework and studying are always easier to schedule ahead of time but generally, sometimes papers and projects may tend to sneak up on you and therefore you need to be very on prioritizing your work. You need also to consider and check your syllabus to find out how several assignments are weighted to that you give preference to the most relevant ones. It will also assist the student to give effort to what is more significant first and then work out on the smaller assignments thereafter. This is a very significant part in that it will improve your performance which is the main aim and goal for almost all their student besides another factor such as social life and physical fitness. Getting to know that you have managed to clear most of the major projects within your course work and having nothing to worry about will also enable you to have a more relaxed and balanced operation atmosphere.

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