Classroom Diversity Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-23

Cultural diversity is referred to an appreciation of individuals with their differences. The differences may be based on sex, age, ethnicity, social status, gender, geography, race, and sexual orientation. However, diversity is not limited to those factors it may involve other factors. There are values for allowing diversity wherever we live, work or even study. Having a diverse class of students means that there is recognition of different people and they are unique (Alsubaie, 2015). No matter their backgrounds and differences they can still interact. However, there are disadvantages of having a diverse classroom for students as there are many challenges in interacting as discussed in this paper.

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The reasons for disagreeing that culturally diverse classes are good for students is because; firstly the students may are not able to relate to each other very well especially if their teacher is not able to mere them so well while teaching (Alsubaie, 2015). That comes in especially when the teacher cannot relate to every student with their culture thus they continue to stick to their cultures rather than interacting inconsiderate of their differences.

Secondly, bearing in mind that the students have different cultural values the conflicts and miscommunication may be experienced (Dealing with diversity in schools, 2018). Everywhere that there is a diverse population language barriers is an issue. The different students may not study easily as they may not understand each other due to their different languages that may even lead to poor performance as some may even not understand the teacher's language.

Thirdly, the diverse students have different cultural behaviors which may be eroded by the culture existing at the place of learning. Cultural identity is very important in every individual but it may get eroded if a student gets to a country that has a rich cultural background (Alsubaie, 2015). The new students who are the minority may be forced to top their culture due to getting used to the culture of the majority students. That has happened in many cases leading to a culture of the students that are involved in lessons that are more focus on the foreign culture, then the probability of them losing the cultural identity sense and may also feel isolated from the learning environment as they are not related to them (Cheung, 2014).

Fourthly, Social alienation and social groups is another factor that makes me feel that diversity in classes is not so good for students. People form social groups based on common interests, beliefs, and common values. The students interact with each other as they have a common goal in school but still some small groups may be formed by students in schools based on uncommon values thus making some of the students feel isolated from the others. The feeling of isolation may make the students feel depressed making some of them stop their studies (Cheung, 2014). The social groups formed lead to tension in the class that leads to discouragements and tolerance on others. Lastly, there may be biasness in the class as other students may feel that they should not interact with those students whom they are not culturally similar (Cheung, 2014).


In conclusion, teachers contribute so much in the students' life. Teaching them that they are all equal despite their little differences is very important to prevent discouragement and isolation of some students. However, some advantages come with student learning in a culturally diverse population as it helps them learn a lot from different people and learn how to respect different people.


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