What Are the Contributions of Technology in Education? - Essay Sample

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Technology is growing faster than the environment we are living in, leaving a mark in all parts of life (Goldin et al. 49). Education is a critical sector that feel a substantial effect of the growing technology. Bridging gaps by overcoming the drawbacks that developing nations face, technology facilitates notable achievements within a short span. So, what are the distinct benefits technology provides to the education system?

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Many reasons form the focal points of debate among different scholars, some of which are in the illustrations below.

Improving Access to Learning Resources

Educational systems, face massive deficits of access to resources. Addressing the education fraternity in their 2018 work The race between education and technology, Goldin et al. acknowledge lack of enough education resources as a significant problem in learning and illustrate the role of technology in solving the problem (51). The scholars postulate that technology bridges the gap between education and the resource by availing resources through the internet. Limited resources is a significant problem in most schools, especially in developing nations. Through the internet, learners access materials in the form of digital collections, tutorials, books, podcasts, videos records, and games. Educators embrace video hosting platforms to lecture students who might be absent for specific reasons. Video lectures ensure that no learner misses out on their lessons. Despite learning institutions and students having different educational and resources backgrounds, internet breaks the constraint of resources restrictions regarding educating and gaining knowledge. Also, positive use of technology provides learners with direct access to reliable and best educational information. This access helps in cultivating the rate at which learners acquire desirable quality education (53).

Internet and mobile phone technology enable students to study on their own. For instance, the use of videos and educational games help the learners to develop skills an excitingly. Students can transfer podcasts from the internet using their mobile phones, and learning by listening to them while away from the school setting. Moreover, the collaborative artworks and replications help students to even deeply understand class concepts in the absence of their teacher (50). Technologies like the use of projectors in a classroom setting enhance the level of students understanding through demonstrations concepts more effectively and efficiently than the theoretical approach.

Technology Unlocks Educational Boundaries

In their 2015 journal, Arkorful et al. (31) say that the use of technology in education helps in unlocking institutional boundaries for learners and educators. Traditional leaning system presented a low mark education system where leaners minds confined to a just grasping what their tutors would provide and gave no room for creativity and innovations. Divergent to the traditional modes of schooling, the education technology simplifies learning to all scholars. The current modes scholars with both digital manuals and frequent updates appropriate to the changes that facilitate ways of understanding. Educational videos, audios records, and games make it simpler for learners to tackle even challenging subjects including Mathematics. A direct result of unlocked boundaries is the ability of an expert in any corner of the world to share his/her thoughts with others even in a different country. Since learning through the use of technology is fun and intuitive, educators worldwide make it better and convenient for the learners. Also, technology helps learners to develop hands-on skills not limited to creating presentations and strengthening research skills (Arkorful et al. 34). The same also allows students to maintain proper online etiquette and communication through emails. Due to technology, learners develop these vital skills in the classroom setting.

In unlocking the boundaries, the system also boasts individual learning. Using gadgets like computers speeds up introvert learner's ability to interact and collaborate with others, solve emerging class problems and social issues. Computer gaming programs boost critical thinking (Arkorful et al. 39). Also, through technology, elderly learners competently take distance courses through online learning. Such students perform well when they have the freedom that makes them learn efficiently. Teaching and learning improve a great deal because education continues even after the end classwork and school day because learners have access to resources and assignments through the web at any time of the day. This move reduces educators strains and makes the concentrate only on younger learners who develop well under face- face learning program.

Increases Collaboration Among Teachers, Students, and Parents

In his 2016 article Education and technology: Key issues and debates, Selwyn says that using technology enhances relationships among teachers, students and their parents (par 2). When instructors and trainers efficiently assimilate technology into subject areas, they change from pure teachers to advisers, coaches and content experts who only guide the leaners. This move simplifies their work comparing to when they always have to stand to be present with the students during classes. The whole effect makes learning and teaching meaningful and fun. Due to technological applications, learners can reach their trainers with ease. This flexibility helps students who might be shy of interacting with instructors in a full classroom. Because of technology, notifications regarding class activities reach students through such methods like text messages or even class dashboards. The increasing use of smart tools reduces the stress that a higher percentage of parents face when they desire to follow up on their children education (par 2). Because of the intelligent device, during school holidays, parents now effectively take an active role in their child's educational growth by guiding them through their lessons using the simplifying tool.

Inter-student collaboration through computers makes the learners develop leadership and communication skills (part 4). These skills are necessary for today's working environment due to the importance of communication between workmates. The usefulness arises from the fact that it is only through communication and teamwork that team will achieve its common objective. The approach also helps in improving learner's motivation and increases their level of productivity. Technology helps students in developing mastering methods; an important aspect, especially for the involving science related courses. These efforts make the students perform better in their studies.


From the discussion, it is evident that technology has significant contributions to the education sector. Technology facilitates the work of the educators and the learners. With a keen and positive approach, the education fraternity stands to benefits from the immense impacts of incorporating technology in the learning system. Therefore, to tap on these benefits, authorities, and educators should add on their effort of integrating technology into the system.

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