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When I graduate, I plan to pursue a masters in professional Accountancy at Clemson University. After finishing the masters degree, the next step will be to do CPA examinations with an aim of becoming a Certified Public Accountant.

I have immense trust that continuing my education will enable me earn trust and respect in the accounting field.

Earning a CPA would also give me a lot of opportunities in my area of specialization in many dimensions.

With this, I will have a comfortable life as well as provide for my family sufficiently.

2. After getting my CPA certification, my next step will be to work at Flour, which is a worldwide engineering company that specializes in construction.

Having an opportunity to work at such a big company will be an assurance of my continued growth.

It will as well put me in a very dynamic working environment and thus ensure that I get to emulate the good skills from my other talented colleagues.

With the fact that it is an international company, this means that I will be provided with a chance to travel across the world.

The company will also accord me with a mentorship opportunity as they are known for this.

SWOT Analysis


Being a certified Public accountant, it will communicate a lot about itself.

My eight years experience operating under a CPA as a bookkeeper and an office manager of 18 franchise is also an immense strength.

I have the great work ethic as it was always recognized by my previous employer.

I am an expert in QuickBooks and Peachtree software that are key in accounting.

I take pride in delivering my responsibilities at the right time as I am a hard worker.

I believe in the golden rule of being a team player, and I told this with the great accord.


I easily get bored while doing the same work again and again.

I detest reporting to work every day only to work on the same things for the next more than 40 years.

Sometimes I also give serious thoughts on issues that can never be of any importance to an individual.

I do not have the habit of pleasing people.

Calculating numbers in my head is also another great weakness I have.

I have never been an expert as far as English as a language is concerned this, therefore, will give me problems while writing letters or memos on the companys behalf.

I also have a weakness with the use of my phone as I easily get distracted by the social media.


The Flour Corporate office is situated in Greenville just some few minutes from my residence.

With the companies grow a program that ensures that equal opportunities are accorded to the women in the workplace, I will have good time fitting to the environment.

Through the Mentoring Circle Program provided by the company as well, I will get a chance of being mentored by the senior employees in the company.

With the economys growth, there is a likelihood of new job opportunities being created.


The high cost of Masters program might prevent or delay my efforts of becoming a CPA.

The CPA exams can as well be very challenging.

The new laws being signed by President Trump also provides a lot of uncertainty as they might slow down the Economy resulting in job layoffs.

My writing skills also might serve to discourage me as that other applicant might present a better application letter compared to mine.

Market Segments

Finance departments in



Educational institutions

Government treasury

Public accounting firms

Non- profit making institutions

I referred to a handout by the Clemson University that gives a list of the various finance market sections their graduates get absorbed into, this is stated in chapter seven of the handout. The above segments are also very complex and broad, and thus they will provide me with an opportunity to grow both in knowledge about the accounting field and the activities carried out in these segments. This will also provide me with an avenue of showcasing my professional and academic skills. In the above segments, a lot of workers are involved plus the art of traveling through around the globe in order to attend to the different assigned jobs in the different branches thus giving me an opportunity to work with diverse people and help build my team work spirit.

Target Markets

Clemson University, Masters in Professional Accountancy and CPA Certification

Flour Corporation, Accountant

My choice of Clemson University is because it is ranked amongst the best campuses that specialize in accounting bearing in mind that to date the number of accounting programs that have been accredited globally is one hundred and eighty. With this fact, joining the university will ensure that I am on the right path as far as my determination to work with the Flour Corporation will be concerned. Lastly, its closeness to my home will accord me with flexibility as well as reduce the transport expenses. Working in the Flour Corporation will accord me with an opportunity of often traveling as the company provides its employees with a chance of fulfilling their traveling hobby. The company thought the Growing Representation and Opportunity for Women (GROW) initiative also promotes the women participation in the company affairs, besides that, the Mentoring Circle Program accords the junior employees with a chance of getting the best out of their senior counterparts as it ensures knowledge exchange and mentorship.

I also believe strongly that I am well suited to undertake a masters program with the Clemson University school of Accountancy and finance. This due to the fact that I highly excelled in my undergraduate program at the Upstages Spartanburg Campus, college of business and economics. As a result, my interest in the accountancy field was boosted and I have been always determine to scale great heights in my life. One of the professors in the college noted that the college holds high standards in ensuring that the quality is upheld across the curriculum so as to meet highest standards consistently. The courses offered therefore are of high quality, and they evolve continually in order to meet educational requirements and the needs of the market.

My eight years experience as an office manager and bookkeeper for eighteen franchises, I believe will be of importance in making me an excellent candidate for an opportunity at Flour Corporation. This is because I acquired skills on how to associate with the different type of people and how to bond with others. My interaction with the clients widened my knowledge with regards to creating networks with friends. I also gained accounting and management skills with regards to how to start a corporation, market it and how to keep it running.


I have some unique characteristics that define me in a different way from all of my Colleagues. These characteristics include the skills and abilities that I have acquired over time. One of my most valuable abilities is that I am able to multitask and work in a target driven working cell center environment. I am a professional who puts so much emphasis on service provision, as I am very confident in handling complaints, inquiries, and communications from customers. I am able to effectively manage workloads of a multiple nature and also work with modern demands in a working environment. I desire to be part of a firm or company that aims at providing an opportunity to maximize the utilization of my interpersonal, accounting academic skills, communication and organizational skills in pursuit of efficiency, effectiveness, and promotion of absolute quality in the undertaking of my work assignments.

I hope to accomplish two things that will make me stand out in the period between now and when I will be searching for a job. One of the things I will do is to complete and pass my CPA examinations through giving it the utmost focus and attention to become a certified public accountant (ABE). The second thing entails pursuing a master.

I hope the future would be bright and that I will be a gem among the many co-workers I will have. I hope to become the embodiment of excellent relationship management, as I regard myself to be an excellent relationship builder who integrates interpersonal skills to strengthen relationships with new and existing customers. I believe that the culmination of the efforts involved in building strong relationships will aid in my understanding of the clients needs and concerns and be able to convey this significant information to my co-workers.

What makes me different from my colleagues is the wealth of experience that I have gained through working as a bookkeeper for Jersey mikes Restaurant in addition to the awarded degree I received from USC Upstages Spartanburg Campus. I intend to pursue a masters degree regarding professional accountancy at Clemson University. Furthermore, I intended to become a certified and registered public accountant after doing and passing the certified public accountants exam at Clemson University.


The salary I hope to receive on an annual basis for my first job is $62,123. There are various aspects that highly influence the figure that I have chosen. These factors include the level of experience I have acquired in my working years and the educational achievements that have significantly raised the level of my education. Apart from my compensation packages, I wish to be awarded other significant benefits including healthcare benefits to my dependents and me. Moreover, I wish to be given days off in each week and monthly offs that are paid for, financial support for tuition if I consider furthering my education, working hours of a flexible nature, commissions of every deal that is closed or work was done and profit sharing percentage. To live comfortably, I would settle for a minimum salary of $55,000 on an annual basis. This would enable me to cover my rental, travel, daily upkeep and other costs emanating from miscellaneous activities.

Other companies that are based in my target market are offering a salary of $60,000 annually which ensures that employees often meet all the companys demands and matches their qualification.

Apart from the material and monetary rewards, there are other rewards of social and psychological nature that I would get my desired job which include a sense of fulfillment and achievement.


The location that I would like to study and work in is the County seat of Greenville County, south Caroline in the East Coast of the U.S. This location would be appropriate owing to the fact that I reside there. The location would also be appropriate since it would allow me a humble time to completely integrate with my study and working schedule and environment due to being familiar with the place.

I would like to work in an organization that holds that capacity for expanding my knowledge and one that would allow me an opportunity to showcase my skills, abilities, and talents. Working in san environment with a large number of diverse employees will allow me various significant opportunities to foster strong working relationships through the exercising my interpersonal and managerial skills. This would also enable me to gain a wide and broad variety of significant knowledge cutting through various aspects of different fields in my profession.

Working in an entity that is publicly traded and is accountable to its shareholders of a public nature is my ideal dream. Reason being that there would be certain aspects of the organization that would be upheld. This majorly includes due diligence and transparency in carrying out organizational tasks. This is what has driven me to work at Flour Corporation which happens to be the worlds largest entity that is publicly traded.

Some aspects of my lifestyle, which includes traveling the world, have had quite a significant influence in the choice of my workplac...

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