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A marketing plan is said to be a document that is designed strategically to achieve the set goals and objectives specified within a stipulated time. In our case, the Westbury Hospital intends to create a healthy relationship with the services that it provides using the ambulances to make it the leading service provider. Making the plan is not an easy task, and it is one that is required to be consistent, coordinated and one that will be able to reach to the targeted audiences in the targeted areas of service. It is essential to listen to the interests and influence of the internal voices in the organization for example from the directors, staff from the medical department and other employees who play a crucial role in the consensus. It is not easy to make this plan, but it is essential that an organization comes up with one to help in creating a roadmap that will assist in the assessment of the success of marketing the service intended ("How to Create a Hospital Marketing Plan with Healthcare Success," 2019). This paper seeks to create a plan designed for the achievement of marketing success in Waterbury Hospital.

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According to an article by Blanks (2019) Waterbury relies on two companies for the provision of ambulance services in one of them being Companion Ambulance. When there are too many calls, they receive help from the surrounding towns for assistance. Waterbury faced a challenge during this time of the opioid because there were very many calls that increased the difficulty. The scenario also helped by increasing the number of patients that they received in the hospital which was a good sign of the kind of service that they were offering. The challenging part was that they did not have ambulances of their own to respond to the calls of emergencies within the town. This was among the contributory reasons for Waterbury finding their services for ambulances to assist them in order not to lose a client because they are in no position to get to the essential place for an emergency condition. By equipping the drivers with adequate skills to be in a position to attend to the patients and proper communication means with the patients. This will be a positive impact on the hospital because where good services provide it is always expected that the clients return to that service provider.

Strategies to Maximize Clients in the Hospital

According to Bajaj (2017) in his article, he states that in the present day, many ambulances are on the frontline to ensure that efficient medical services are provided to the customers. The ambulances offer a variety of services ranging from oxygen, intravenous drips, and heart defibrillators which helps to keep the standards of service provision on the peak. The ambulances have also been installed with location trackers and radios that also aid in the provision of standard services especially for those in need of urgent care before getting to the hospital. There exists a challenge of having fewer ambulances catering for a considerable number of people in a particular area; thus some end up not getting access to the urgent medical attention needed and end up losing their lives. Equipping hospitals with an adequate number of ambulances will assist the hospitals to be able to attend to all the patients thus increase the number of clients who depend on the hospital as a result of the quality services.

Bajaj continues to explain that as a result some ambulances are being booked for other purposes like the transfer of patients from one hospital to another and others taking patients home. There should be those set apart for the patients who need special medical attention, for example, the disabled patients to be helped to reach the hospitals faster and in a means that is convenient and easier for them. This helps the patients to feel that they are in safer hands as they are being taken to the hospital to receive medical attention.

Ordinarily, an ambulance is required to reach the hospital within a specified time of below 10 minutes which more often is not possible because of reasons like congestion on the roads. The ambulances should, therefore, be spread out in the various sections within the areas to reduce the amount of time used to arrive at the area of call. Since when an ambulance is near the area where a person needs assistance the time used to arrive will be less as compared to all of them being at one particular point waiting for a call. Practicing this will help to reach the time limit of a maximum of 10 minutes and also advocating for distinct pathways for ambulances especially where there is traffic Seetharaman (2017).

Seetharaman continues to say that there should be an application on the mobile phone that will be GPS enabled just like Uber such that it will be easily accessible like people are now able to access taxi within the snap of a finger. A person will also be able to gauge the one that will arrive as fast as possible depending on the situation of the patient because at times people end up waiting for too long for an ambulance as a result of which they lose the patient in the process. This will make thing easier as the driver is also able to communicate with the clients to assure them their way so as not to raise panic on the side of the patient. This method will be convenient and improve the number of patients able to access services from Waterbury hospital as a result of quality services.

To achieve successful results, the expectation of the hospital should not be high because the main aim of the hospital is not transport but to provide medical care to the clients up to the highest attainable standards that they require. The results that they achieve should be taken as a challenge to make their services better and place them in a much better working condition especially through looking into the number of new patients received. The hospital should be focused on seeking flexible strategies and prospects of success to enable them to rebrand and improve services favored by the successful steps made an intention to get to better-desired levels. On applying the strategies, Waterbury health will be at the top attracting many clients.


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