Dilemma Between the Rights and Choices of Children and Young People and Health and Safety Requirements

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Date:  2022-07-15

Explain the dilemma between the rights and choices of children and young people and health and safety requirements.

The UN convention on the right of the child clearly identifies the right of the children and young people to learn and develop into adults and protected from harm, so it is up to each setting to protect all children in their care from harm.
Each child is an individual who makes choices and like to experience different areas but they dont have the experience or the skills to make safe approach of risk to continue to develop and make choices. The cares therefore identify any potential hazard and judge if it is safe for the child to continue but the child needs to have a balance approach of risk to continue to develop and make choices of their own with consequences (if any).

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The adult role is to encourage the child to explore, learn to make choices and have their voices heard when decisions are being made that involve or affect them.

Health and safety regulations may sometimes put a limit on those freedoms, so for the childs wellbeing and safety we may limit their options. Always give the child an explanation of their action if you are not allowing them to do the activity that they would like too. If a child is in significant harm during this activity, be as genuine, honest, and realistic as possible, explaining it clear and precise at a level and age/stage appropriate why they cant do this activity. If the child is not significant harm but they might still hurt themselves explain the consequences of them taking part in this activity.

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