Three Key Learnings From Placement Experience - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-11-22

Professional Communication

Apart from the transferable skills, I also got to adopt some form of professionalism. Professional communication is the most distinctive aspect that I got to learn from my work integrated learning. Before my placement, I did not know that different places of work have different communication conducts. I was never hesitant to speak anywhere at any time. During my placement, I got to understand that there is a professional way of communicating in different places of work. The work stations which have a connection with environmental health such as the food stalls and swimming pools are not exceptional when it comes to upholding the work communication ethics (Parsons, 2016 p. 24). If I have to get employed anywhere by now, I am sure that my communication will fit in the different places of work. My placement experience has moulded in me, professional communication. I have got to understand that some areas of work have a more significant consideration for hierarchy when it comes to correspondence.

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Time Management

During my placement with department of health and human service for a period of one year, I got the best opportunity to familiarize myself with the time management skills. Through planning, I was able to work on various assignments efficiently and timely. I believe that the above experience will help me in my future works and self-endeavours. Reaching the end of this placement has made me reflect on my personal and professional growth in this placement, entire studies, and life in general. I have an understanding that this work experience has improved my understanding and knowledge of environmental health and has eliminated the anxiety I had at the beginning of the placement. I would, therefore, have no challenge working in such places in the future. In my placement, I identified a future learning goal as increasing my critical thinking ability to increase my capacity to handle different situations which may prevail in the workplace. I was able to increase my capacity for stress management as well as work prioritization. I believe that the endearing and incredible support I received from the entire staff helped in nurturing this ability. I have learned that different factors and skills need to be looked into for the health and wellbeing of our environment. Liaising with the various stakeholders is essential when looking into the environmental an environmental health officer, there is always a need to be strict as that would ensure that the violators of the law pertaining the environmental health do not go unpunished. Actions should ever be taken against the individual offenders to serve as an example to the others who may intend to violate the environmental laws in the future (Friis, 2018 p. 76).

Applying Acts and Regulation in to Regular

Work Operation

From my placement, I learn to apply acts and regulations into my work processes. Therefore, I expect this skill to help me in my future work processes with other organizations. Unlike the theoretical approach to learning, the work intergraded education made me feel to a greater extent that I was part of a multi-professional team and felt that I had greater involvement in the decision making processes including planning impromptu visits to the different areas of inspections. In as much as I learned so much from this placement alone, I equally identified existing needs to pursue going forward. Even though this job placement was not as much emotionally tasking and demanding as, the first one, I feel that I will need to continue developing my skills in the management of emotions and competence in management of stress and stressful situations including dealing with difficult individuals. I think that as I go on to practice as a qualified environmental health officer, I will need to strive to be a reflective and reflexive practitioner continually, I will need to continue to use evidence-based practices and promote best social work practice


To conclude, I have sincerely enjoyed this placement; I feel that my practice tut...

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