The Role of Computers in Education Essay

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Date:  2022-05-17

Computers have changed the way people in different sectors work.. The necessity for the use of computers in schools has continued to increase. Therefore, the education sector in the United States has witnessed a lot of transformation, thanks to the advancement of computer technology. Today, most of the management activities, learning activities and earning support activities in United States schools are carried out digitally, with the incorporation of computer technology in most of the tasks. Learning institutions in the United States, from the kindergarten to the university level have all adopted computers in their operations. This has led to a tremendous improvement in the quality of education in the United States. In the contemporary world of today, every professional should be able to work in a digital environment, where most activities are computer-centered. In the United States' schools, computers have been gradually incorporated into the education system and their impact on the efficiency of the education system is remarkable.

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The role of any education system is to impart values, knowledge, and culture to learners. Long before the invention of computers and their incorporation into the education systems, learning in most countries, including the United States was totally instructor-centered .Also, the management activities, book-keeping and other support duties in schools were entirely manual .This made the management of the operations and learning activities difficult and cumbersome. However, the invention of computers changed many aspects in the operations of schools in many countries. The United States was one of the pioneer countries to sanction the use of computers in its school. A study

One of the key innovations in the united states that have been made possible by the computer technology is the development of online and distance learning. This clearly shows how computer technology has revolutionized the education sector. Distance learning has also been facilitated by the advancement in internet technology. Therefore, application of computer networking has been of priceless importance in facilitating distance and online learning in the United States. Studies have shown a growing preference of students to conduct their studies away from home, through distance learning. Currently, there are a number of colleges and universities in the United States that offer online learning courses. This has not only facilitated the reduction on the need for instructors but made education services available to a wider population.

Aside from facilitating online and distance learning, computers have made the work of instructors simpler through the use of PowerPoint, projectors and other computer technologies. Computers have also made the use of computer-based learning curriculums possible. This has led to an increase in the availability of learning materials for students and a general improvement in the effectiveness of learning. For example, the use of projectors in learning. In the United States, learning from kindergarten has incorporated the use of computers to make learners appreciate the role of technology at the earliest stages. Also, learning in the kindergartens has been specifically enhanced by the invention of 3-D printing technology. Using this technology, it is possible to produce impressive learning materials such as phonic worksheets, printing of toys and alphabet worksheets using a composite material. Secondary schools in the United States have fully equipped computer laboratories to nurture the culture of research and also enhance learning activities. In most states, learners have access to personal computers and this further enhances the effectiveness learning. Arkonful and Abaidoo argue that the economic and social advancements in the United States can be attributed to the early adoption of computer technology in the United States schools (2015).

The management systems in United States' learning institutions is more efficient with the invention of computers. Before the incorporation of computers in learning institutions, the storage of students' information was purely manual. This made the tracking of information concerning students a difficult task as it required the perusing of multiple files. However, in the united states of today, the education sector has seen unparalleled improvement in information and record keeping methods. All learning institutions are mandated by law to keep and maintain a database containing all important information of all students enrolled in the institution. This has helped improve accountability and transparency in the education sector.


In conclusion, the role of computers in the education system cannot be overemphasized. Without computer technology, the current levels of quality in terms of curriculum delivery would be practically impossible. In the United States, nearly all learning activities are computer centers. This of great importance in the current world and nearly all sectors have incorporated the use of computers in their operational methods. Therefore, there is a need for countries which have not incorporated the use of computers in their education systems to emulate the United States.


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