Hacking Ethical Dilemma and Financial Security and Moral Concern Essays

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C1 Hacking ethical dilemma


Advancements in technology are rapidly growing in our communities. Various ethics are involved in different technologies such as social media, Facebook and Blogging. However, this advancement in technology has its advantages and disadvantages as well. In most cases, human beings use technology for their self-interest and gain. The internet, for example, is the standard and quickest medium of communication due to improvements in technique. It is used for doing purposeful research as well as fulfilling the human's needs and benefiting them. Due to the improved technology, the current society can use internet for e learning and distance learning, also hackers to compromise computer systems for their own selfish gains may use the internet. This paper will discuss hacking as a digital ethical issue in the advancement of technology.

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Why did I select this topic of research?

This topic of research is appropriate to the entire society. Technology has brought about many ethical issue and dilemmas. I choose this topic because recently there have been cases of hacking and the prevalent discussion whether hacking is right or wrong. The hacker's definition has steadily changed over the last few decades (Himma, 2008). With the help of the mass media, the globe has created a negative rather than a positive connotation of hacking, which it is supposed to have. This is a hot topic as some countries are enacting legislations against hacking while in some cases some are supporting it. The world is divided on whether hacking is right or wrong, and whether it should be allowed or not.

In this paper, I will seek to answer three critical questions on the topic hacking as an ethical issue:

Is hacking right or wrong?

The discussion on whether hacking is right or wrong is prevalent in the modern world. Let us focus on the ethical side of hacking. First most cybersecurity breaches have recommended associations to hire InfoSec specialists who are skilled in ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is not a usual job as it does not need a college certificate all the hacker need is some computer and software comprehension and excellent hacking skills (Himma, 2008). They hack to inform the owner about the problem so that it is fixed. This give job opportunities to the youths. Others are freelancer hackers who penetrates the websites and software and hence publish the results sometimes send it privately to the developer. When people hack for financial or any kind of gain there is no ethical ground to protect that action.

Is it okay to hack a website in order to help the owner and does motivation influence ethics in hacking?

Most software companies and websites do not like their systems penetrated by people no matter the intention. How they are viewed in the ethical sphere (Himma, 2008) motivates sometimes hackers. Some hackers break into systems to as a hobby, or in an attempt to better their own prowess and learn about security. There is an ethical gray area motivation in fact affects how hackers and their doings are perceived by the rest, but does this level of motivation play a role in the ethical issue of this action.

Is hacktivism ethical or not?

This is the use of using internet and computers to foster a political or social cause. It is in the public domain that some level or type of hacktivism get prohibited for instance breaking into the systems of proprietary or stealing data from the systems. Other acts of hacktivism are legal for instance, the websites parodies (Himma, 2008). The main familiar kind of hacktivism is the denial of the service attack, which include sending a big amount of traffic to a certain website so that it reaches its limit and crashes Glan (2014). Presently attacks of this type distributed all over the world coming from nodes around the globe hence making it hard to trace the source of the attack (Whetzel 2014). In the United States under the US law, the DoS attacks are illegal even though they are hard to enforce and to curb. This action is in an ethical gray area. Some defending that hacktivism protected under the law of free speech. It does not involve hacking or penetration of the systems.


The improved technology has caused many damages in the contemporary society and is causing losses to our planet as well. The new technology has affected the environment and the community. For instance, hacking has caused hot debates across the globe. As discussed above we understand that hacking is an ethical dilemma than need concrete policies to handle and curb the issue. Hacking is on an ethical gray line. In my opinion, ethical hacking is good and a source of employment and help in honing an individual's computer and internet skills. On the other hand, unethical hacking should be discouraged and serious legislations enacted and enforced in an effort to stop this problem.


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C 2 Financial security and moral concern

Recent advancement in technology has fostered the establishment of the multimedia network. The network link has promoted both the social and business world to the next level of economic measure Whetzel (2014). Also, businesses have found it easy to conduct transactions across the continental boundaries. In addition, new product advertisement has been simplified to the furthest level. Moreover companies do not have to incur the travelling expense in the effort of marketing. Quick orders are made through the selected sites and links. The technology progress has connected people across the world. Despite the good news and promising progress of the world, several adverse issues have been linked to the technology advancement. The vices connected to the new technology poses a question, whether new ethical issues related to the IT should be overemphasized? The concern of ethical issue prompted the urge for research and resolution to the problem

Technology advancement has been the core aspect towards the economic growth and development. Despite the great contribution ethical issues have become the major concern and thus attracting investigations for the wellbeing. The research focus is also centered to guarantee quality and maximum benefit to the workers. The areas of interest are majorly on the financial and social aspect. On the social side the transmission of information that appears to compromise the moral standards and humanity. This entails the privacy exploitation and property loss. The other financial impediment is hacking. A lot of fear relating to the act of hackers targeting financial institutions has caused attention to every consumer of new technology. As a result of these vices, the meaningful aspect of new technology has been compromised.

On contrary to the original purpose, technology has been used to regenerate the aspect of humanity and social wellbeing cohesion and integration. On top of that technology has led to the emission of harmful radio magnetic emissions that has caused different health-related issues.

Regarding the prevailing situation analysis, research and critical situation for protection analysis are held important. This paper represents the rationale for research on the selected topics.

Why I select this topic of research?

The topic is very integral to everyone regardless of the age, race, level of education and social status. The investigation was done in the quest for addressing the prevailing ethical dilemma. Whether to roll out the ancient way of social and economic engagements? The ultimate purpose of selecting the topic was to bring forth a clear depiction of the adverse cause in the new technology and advocate for lasting solutions. "Whatever appears to be good has its limitations," Abraham Lincoln.

Several issues have been raised for and against the development of new software and continuous upgrading of websites. The relevant question in response to the prevailing reactions is whether hacking attempts should be banned? In different circumstances, hacking may be used to test the effectiveness of a given network and selected software at a given moment. The test is usually done with an objective of making appropriate protection mechanism to cushion the different organization from hackers. The rampant cases and magnitude of the cases of hackers have attracted different legislative measures so as to alleviate the incidences. Evidence shows that about ten financial institutions have lost huge cash through. Of late the provision of law has demanded continuous registration of the cyber specialist so as to ensure that there is close monitoring. Is hacking right or wrong, the response depends on the reason behind it for instance when testing the strength and full encryption of a given network. Should absolute prevention be put in place to ban the hacking attempt?

The basis of hacking is only when an individual is capable of developing new software's and developing an end to end encryption so as to test the network strength or any other network concern, an example case of hacking is the freelancer hackers who are capable of penetrating the websites and system software in order to publish the results and guarantees security. It may sometimes be done by the private developers of websites. The logic of the matter is that hacking is a crime and subject to ethical compromise Glein (2014). It is associated with loss of important data from the affected organization. On top of that, the hacked cites my experience financial losses.

Research evidence shows that most of the people's companies do not allow anyone to tamper with their own sites. The hackers get motivated to do an action that may appear to have a perceived expertise Himma (2018). Once hacking has been made successful then the hackers can brag when the institutions are tarmacking to reinstate their stable network and sites.

The act of hacking may seemingly appear to be a way of demonstrating prowess or appear to e a guru in the computer knowledge. At the same time, some may do it with malicious intention so as to reach the business enemy scorers. From reasonable man's point of view, hacking is unethical and it is also subject to the ethical dilemma. This is, therefore, a clear implication that whole issue is under scrutiny for everyone who is ready to stand in the gap to guarantee the ethical and wellbeing.

Does the open social networking compromise the ethical issue of privacy by permitting open transmission of information?

What benefit does involvement in social media owes to the moral standards cohesion and integration? As much as information technology has facilitated sharing of information online, it has taken away the freedom of privacy. A webcam is one of the ways in which one can use the computer to access the private information. Statistics indicate that many celebrities have been victims of the typical online stalkers. In a different note, th...

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