The Pain and the Rise to Success After Losing my Job Essay

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Date:  2022-05-26

My usual day involves waking up at 4 am in the morning, stretch myself a little in preparation for my daily aerobic exercise, conduct the training, take a shower, prepare breakfast, and head to my place of work, The Kaldis Hotel. I have worked for more than five years as a trusted chef in charge of all recipes and special menus. On Monday morning, I woke up feeling tired even after spending a significant part of Sunday binge-watching Netflix movies with my friends. The previous week was challenging no customers were flocking the hotel, and the manager was complaining a lot. Hence, Sunday was my day to ease off the pressure. On this Monday morning, everything seemed not quite the norm. I first missed the 4-am alarm and woke up at five. I stayed idle in the bed instead of preparing myself for the exercise. I instead took a quick shower, made breakfast, and begun watching the TV. As I was sitting on the couch, I started meditating about my plans and my desire to start my business and free myself from the Monday to Saturday routine. After sitting there thinking what I should do with my life, I told myself there is time to plan all my future desires especially since I have a sustainable job.

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Meditation time was over; now it was time to hit the road and head to work. The hotel was a few meters away from my place, so I had the liberty to enjoy some walk down the street watching other people opening their businesses, and employees walking as fast as they could to reach their places of work. On my way, I kept thinking about what would happen if I lost my job. The thought disappeared, but I could feel it deep down disturbing my conscious. I was at the entrance, and as usual, Mr. Goodman was standing there smoking his cigar, covered in smoke, making it impossible to see him. I greeted him, but he did not respond to my greetings. I thought it was due to the high quantities of smoke in his mouth that hindered him to answer. Therefore, I went inside and straight to the kitchen. To my surprise, the kitchen was the way I left it on Saturday evening. No one had arrived, and it was already time to open up the Hotel. I was confused because it was impossible for all the workers to report late. I began preparing my special menu, but Mr. Goodman disrupted me and called me to his office. He did not say much, only he handed a white envelope and told me to open it. I felt cold feet, and deep down I knew something was wrong. I opened the letter, and the contents stated that I was being laid off because the Hotel is being shut down due to losses. In a split of seconds, I told myself this could not be true, but the reality could not hide from my eyes. Mr. Goodman apologized for the inconvenience and promised to pay my dues.

After the short talk with Mr. Goodman, I quickly took off my apron and went outside. I was confused whether to go back to the house or roam around the street until the end of the day so that I can feel the day was not lost. My mind was running fast with lots of thoughts until a stranger interrupted me to remind me it is time to cross the road. The reality of losing my job on such short notice was unbearable. I went to the nearest park to cool down my thoughts, but even with the serene environment and birds singing beautiful melodies, I still could not stop thinking what had just happened. I left the park with low self-esteem. I felt the world crumbling on me and telling me to give up. I went home, switched my phone off, and opened a bottle of whiskey and drunk the whole night. The drinking continued for three days until my best friend chose to check on me on the third day. I told him what had happened, and he decided to stay with me to help me recover from my situation. He offered moral advice and encouraged me to start my business with the little I had.

I desired to set up a cupcake business. With the savings I had kept for myself, I bought a second-hand oven and other types of equipment. I turned the space in my house into a cooking area. I set up a Facebook and an Instagram page where I advertised my cakes. However, my first sales came from my friend who took some of the cupcakes to his workmates, and they began to order more than 150 cakes per day. Now, the business has grown, and I have a new location where I have hired 20 employees and three sales agents. The lesson I learned after losing my job and the support from my friend enabled me to refocus my energy and achieve my dreams.

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