Essay Sample on Work Place Stress Management in Healthcare

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Date:  2022-04-12


Workplace related stress is one of the core factors that hinder employees from achieving their maximum productivity as far as their areas of specialization are concerned. For instance, healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors, and other caregivers are exposed to many workstation stressors whose effects cause adverse mental and physical health issues. In this context, the research intends to elaborate on the invention strategy to be used in mitigating workplace stress particularly among the healthcare givers stationed at the emergency room. The paper will further include reasons for the preferred approach.

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Emergency rooms in hospitals are one of the most stressful departments that affects healthcare professionals because it is a causality department which handles people who need not only particular attention but also immediate attention (Avey et al.2009). Therefore, the emergency department must initiate measures that are flexible enough to recognize potential stressors for the emergency department staff as well as organizing the work in a manner that minimizes significant causes of stress among the team.

One of the strategies to be implemented in the causality department is ensuring adequate health professionals and staff in the emergency department and sufficient equipment to facilitate the process of handling emergency cases. The reason for this strategy is that the emergency cares units in most if not all hospitals expect a large number of emergency cases with high risks of death (Healy et al. 2000).

According to (DE Frank et al. 1987), department is also characterized by unpredictable events as well as long working hours. Therefore, inadequate human and material resources are likely to affect the performance of those available nurses and other health caregivers in this department hence leading to stress among them. The essence of this strategy is to create a friendly working environment and avoid boredom among health professionals at the emergency rooms. Adequate workforce facilitated work in shift given the fact that emergency section is unpredictable and in operation at all times of the day.


In conclusion, work stress is a common predicament in all fields, and it is one of the causes of low productivity that is experience at workplaces. It has a negative health implication to the employees and therefore requires strategies to mitigate its effects. In health centers, especially at the emergency station, work stress is likely to be high because of the nature of cases handled as well as the necessary attention to the patients in this room. Therefore, this department calls adequate human and material resources as the most critical strategy among other strategies to mitigate possible stressors.


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