Paper Example on Modern Psychology

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Date:  2022-11-02

1. Describe four manipulative sales techniques

a. Responsibility through reciprocity is a manipulative technique that encourages sales personnel to focus on the feeling about the guilt and obligation as a powerful motivator in the sales and marketing industry. The best approach is the personnel to base their strategies on 'issue and take' where the illusion depicts that the client has been offered and received a favor from the sales staff.

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b. The bottom line/scope is a manipulative mechanism clients use to understand that techniques used by the sales representatives as well as shopping units. Once a customer realizes that scope, he or she has an added advantage of making an objective decision on the value of the purchase; thus, he/she will be able to purchase the product at a much lesser price.

c. Offer less not more, is a strategy the embraces the idea of capturing the attention of the flooded consumers since the market will offer more option; therefore, creating an illusion that customers are in control but only to the specific level.

d. Disqualification of the client is an approach that depends on the honesty and reasoning of the sales representatives since they use personal experience to encourage the client to purchase the product. Moreover, it is more of a persuasion technique that involves convincing the client by using the favorable prospects of the product.

2. Define self-esteem and list four recommendations for building self-esteem.

a. Self-esteem is a psychological term used to illustrate an individual's overall sense of personal value/worth, for example, how much a person appreciates himself or herself. In other words, it is a particular character which reflects on individual stability and endurance. Also, it is highly associated with personal appearance, beliefs, traits, and emotional norms.

b. For one to build his/her self-esteem, he/she needs to focus on the positive/favorable personal-traits, ignore negative self-perceptions and talk, establish the norm and convince himself/herself that feeling has less to impact facts about his/her life, and build a sense of positive self-confidence, self-control, and self-respect.

3. Describe the three primary categories of psychotropic drugs.

There are more than three classes/types of psychotropic medication, stimulants, antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and antianxiety agents, but the question will tackle the first three by describing them.

a. Stimulants are medicine used to treat ADHD 'Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder' that is associated with symptoms such as short attention time-frame, inability to be still, and impulsiveness. The medicine can either be long-term or short-term depending on the condition of the patient. Moreover, there are cases where patients are diagnosed with side effects such as decreased appetite and stomach aches among other while some patients show signs of adverse reaction, for example, high blood pressure.

b. Also, antidepressants are used in curing patients that show signs and symptoms of depression, phobia, panic attacks, PTSD, and eating disorder, among others. Most common side effects are headaches, stomach upset, dry mouth, weight change, and nausea among others.

c. Antipsychotics are medicine used to treat various health conditions, for example, psychosis, bipolar disorder, autism, and severe aggression among others. Additionally, antipsychotics are divided into two groups Atypical which is a secondary generated drug developed in 1994 and Typical anti-psychotic medicine also referred to as the first generation medicine created in 1950.

4. Discuss three psychological factors that moderate the effects of stress

The work-family dispute is an inter-initiated conflict originating from a person's workload as well as the incompatible nature of the family. In the real sense, the work interferes with the usual running and functioning of the family and at the same time the family obligation conflicts with that of the work. Additionally, workplace mistreatment is another issue that leads to interpersonal conflicts, molestation, and abuse. Therefore, some of the traits of the battles revolve around gossips, rude comments, lying, and ignoring others obligation. Lastly, obligation stressors that compose of demands and constraints affect a person's ability to work since he/she lacks the adequate information to perform.

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