Essay Example on Mindfulness: Focus and Clarity for the Present Moment

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Mindfulness is a psychological activity that allows one to concentrate on the occurrences that happens at present. It is a fundamental process of human that helps then to prepare on different scenes, understand where they are and what they are doing taking into account that they are not confused on what is going on in their environment. Mindfulness can also be referred to as the non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness of an individual, based on focus and clarity in compassion to others (Selva, 2019). The process of mind training takes a course of meditation practice, which has been found to have a remarkable of benefit to the neurons that vary from changes in the volume of grey matter and the reduction of selfless activity in the brains centers enhancing connectivity amid brain regions. Through this, meditation has been found beneficial in the management of depression and anxiety. Everyone has some aspect of Mindfulness, and the degree of Mindfulness differs significantly. It becomes more useful when it is practiced as a daily activity. Research shows that the act of training a mind remodels the brains physical structure. It helps individuals to work more coherently and to accommodate each other through the development of inclusivity, humility, integrity, goodness, communication skills, empathy for others, and helping people to recognize and appreciate their skills to achieve their potential for attaining shared goals together (Buntling, 2016). When awareness is created through human sense or a state of mind through judgment and feelings, there is a sense of Mindfulness that is created. Since the element of Mindfulness is essential for psychological wellbeing, the training process takes a course of the meditation process.

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Globally, there are many instances where Mindfulness is much required - for example, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which is as a result of border conflict. The two groups have significant differences in their opinions and interest and for that reason, needs negotiators who can help resolve. Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world and is positioned to the east of the Mediterranean Sea while Palestinians control Palestine. Palestine is dominated by the Arab population and wants to establish a government in Israel, and this is the reason for the continuous border conflict (Beauchamp, 2018). The Israeli and Palestinian conflict revolves around who gets what land and obtain the power to control it. However, both Christians and Arab Muslims date their claims over the property back to many years ago. The current political conflict in the region began around the twentieth century. This came after the Jews fled persecution in Europe and wanted to establish a territory within an Arab and Muslim major territory in the reign of Ottoman and later become the British Empire. This created resistance among the Arabs against the formation of new territory as they believed the land was rightfully under their possession (Beauchamp, 2018). Then the United Nations had earlier planned to give each group part of the property, but that failed, leading to an uprising in the war between Israel and other nations over the territory.

The key groups in this conflict are Israel and Palestine. The 1967 war was predominantly vital for the current conflict, as it gave Israel control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (Marks, 2018). These two territories host the homes to a large number of Palestinian peoples. For now, the Palestine government technically controls the West Bank even though it is under occupation by Israel. This comes about when the Israel troops, who were enforcing Israel security limitations on Palestinian movement and activities. Moreover, the Jews who were building were ever-expanding in the West Bank this helped prevent Palestine's from intruding. On the other hand, Hamas, which is an Islamist fundamentalist party under the Israeli blockade, controls Gaza (Marks, 2018).

Mediation may be used as a conflict resolution strategy. It has proven for several years as an effective method of dispute resolution. As a conflict resolution strategy, it has proved beneficial to dispute resolution across the globe. This mainly focuses on non-judicial resolutions. Mediation provides an opportunity and a suitable environment where two different parties or states in conflict comes to an understanding, builds a rapport, and work together to explore options for resolution of their differences (Forbes Coaches Council, 2016). When resolving disagreements in mediation, both parties of interest should determine for themselves the most important things and the result of the state of affairs. This activity should be undertaking in a neutral area where all the different states feel contented with each other. This means that the parties should have a treaty that will uphold their agreement, and this, should be done on a free will. The benefits of meditation do differ mostly depending upon the type of the row, and the technique applied.

Several techniques can be used towards the resolution of this conflict. To start with, there is a need to undertake research and understand the area of disagreements the work towards smoothening them to uphold a state of affairs. Alternatively, giving in for the sake of the other party can also help resolve a conflict. It generally contains an aspect of selflessness, sacrifice and low boldness, generosity, and low-level aggressiveness. To a large extent, giving in helps prevent other parties from getting into a rough discussion. In accommodation, you consider other parties more rather than your own. In this case, the objective is to downplay the adverse situation and behave as if such difference never existed between the parties (Burton, 2018). This concept has been found to be useful and capable of calming tense situations, creating goodwill, bringing coherence, and providing adequate time to find a sustainable. This approach is also usefully when there is limited time for discussion or when there is a need for a short-term solution to a problem. The strategy can be limited by some challenges that affect the conflict resolution process. Another party can take advantage of the circumstances when they have more considerations, thereby derailing the process (Henry Stewart, 2015). With proper mind training in meditation and Mindfulness, dealing with dynamic and stressful negotiation, partners can be easier. At the same time, the wisdom obtained from mindfulness and meditation techniques will appeal to the involved parties, thereby increasing the chances of conflict resolution.

Secondly, the use of compromise technique where both parties try to make a middle ground also resolve a conflict. In this case, a win-win situation is created as both states feel sorted and obtains favor from the agreement. This technique can be useful in the case of Israeli-Palestine since both territorial governments aspire to win. At the same time, there is a need for a quick, sustainable solution. This is method keeps the parties of interest more relaxed as the final long-lasting solution is negotiated. With this strategy, there will be a lower level of tension between the groups and finally brings the results almost immediately. The use of compromise or reconcile technique has been found to be effective in reaching a sustainable resolution. For individual parties, these techniques help reduce stress and keep all parties calm until a lasting solution is achieved. On the other side, a lack of trust can affect the conflict resolution process. This calls for the need for both parties to create a sense of trustworthiness and understanding. Any feeling of mistrust from any party can affect the conflict negation process.

The best strategy that can be used in the resolution of the difference within this state meditation. As discussed, the approach is effective in easing the tension between the parties. Both parties are at their own will to discuss their issues and make the necessary adjustment in accordance with their agreement with a mediator (Michael Bunting, 2016). This strategy would be successful in the end, as it will take into account the social, economic, and political differences and the demands of every party. It will put into account the different groups, assessing their point of view holistically, and identifying the genesis of the disagreement. Having identified the cause of conflict, the groups will quickly have a head start in solving their differences. The parties should, therefore, ensure that whatever transpired during the mediation process are kept with a lot of confidence and all that communication are kept as potential evidence (Walton, 2015). The parties should also look into an economic gain in the negotiation process. For example, in the above scenario, many people in Palestine are employed in Israel, and this has helped improve their life. On the other hand, they are paid less compared to the Israel employees in the same job categories. Therefore, the use of mindfulness needs is taken into account instances where all parties are treated equally. The parties should be allowed to negotiate and agree without cohesion from other external force. This will help reach a long-lasting solution and coherence between the two groups. With mediation also, there will be clear stand on some contentious issues that causes conflict. At the point of reconciliation, both parties desire to reach a solution or win, and therefore, any loss is not acceptable. Better resolution of such cases either facilitates the parties to resolve the conflict or to retain their stance.


In conclusion, Mindfulness is critical to everyone, particularly among those in conflict and should be practiced. It plays a crucial part in conflict resolution at different levels, at a personal and group level. It enables one to keep off any ambiguity and encourage the spirit of collaboration, respect, and creativity. Therefore, proper development of Mindfulness can be significant in conflict resolution, as stated in the case of Israel and Palestine conflict. Taking at least five minutes daily mindful training is very beneficial towards creating a mindful behavior and enhancing conflict resolution strategies. Other than conflict resolution, proper use of Mindfulness at different levels has proven effective in enhancing mental health and creating an excellent working condition. Mindfulness plays an essential part in improving leadership skills and enhancing collaboration within an organization. It helps develop a sense of trust and collaboration. Mindfulness guides people in trying to see positivity in every negative situation and seeks towards its resolution. Eventually, it prevents further conflict and creates a spirit of collaboration and compassion among parties.


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