The John J. Morrone Memorial Scholarship Application Letter

Paper Type:  Application letter
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  528 Words
Date:  2022-02-17

Life has not presented me with the best of experiences but why would I need to be pitied if I used the experiences positively to learn and grow? I am a mother of two girls and I enjoy taking care of people and have been doing so for the past 20 years. I took care of my mother who died of breast cancer 15 years ago. Similarly, I took care of my grandmother who died of dementia 11 years ago and also my father who died of respiratory failure 5 years.

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Knowing that every day in my life came with its challenge that I had to keep solving and consequently use for growth and development to keep rolling on, I cherished every moment. Needless to say, losing both parents in normal circumstances is not something one would wish life to present while at a tender age. I wish they could be present because I am indebted for their sacrifices for my success.

Nonetheless, I had to come to an agreement with my senses and refuse to let the fact that being an orphan limits the great things that I can achieve in my lifetime. To my understanding, the only limits we are having are the ones we are placing ourselves on. Taking care of my parents and grandmother before their deaths developed in me a career I am in today. Moreover, because I freely gave the care, it taught me that a passion must not have to reward financially for it to be considered of value.

That said, together with my values put aside, I am passionate in the healthcare field. I have demonstrated my passion and a strong interest in the nursing field by taking care of the sick and the needy by working 12 hours a month as a Certified Nursing Assistant for the past 20 years.

This is not the peak I wished to reach; I'm limited by the fact that I'm a full-time dedicated student, a situation that has now prevented me from working full-time for the past two years. Managing schoolwork and home responsibilities are not easy but rather too demanding. My good time management skills and persistence has kept me rolling on and at the same time manage good academic performance with an overall GPA of 3.35. Success is seen prevailing over hardship.

Ultimately, in this vast world, I don't need to be glorified but rather appreciated by many not only from my family or friends but also strangers whom I wish to touch their lives. This is very possible by inspiring the changes that I want in the nursing industry more so after seeing my parents and grandmother die of various preventable diseases.

The life I have been subjected to developed a mentality in me that I need to go after something if I truly want it. Therefore, with my goal to become a Nurse practitioner within the next 5 years, I'm applying for the scholarship not only for my family and financial benefit but also for my motivation and further advancement in my career.


Matusov, E. (2007). Applying for Bakhtin scholarship on discourse in education: A critical review essay. Educational Theory, 57(2), 215-237.

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