The Implications of Weight Reducing Foods on HbA1C

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Date:  2021-04-07

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the whole world. Anyone diagnosed with this condition either utterly lacks insulin in their systems, or have little insulin that cannot sustain useful functionality of the body. The former type mentioned is the kind one diabetes while the latter is known as type two diabetes. Type two diabetes affect people of different ages, from young to old but mostly diagnosed with children. People with type two have bodies that are insulin resistant. Apparently, over ninety percent of the people with diabetes are diagnosed to be experiencing an increase in weight. This extra gain of weight in people with type two diabetes increase their resistance to insulin. The physicians, therefore, recommend the patients with type to lose weight and alleviate the resistance to insulin complication. This article will, therefore, determine the outcome of using foods as a way of regulating type two weight difficulties. It will also determine what implications such weight-losing foods would have on HbA1c.

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HbA1c is the formula for glycated hemoglobin and also referred to as A1c, is a term commonly used in experiences involving diabetes. This type of hemoglobin is formed when glucose gets attached to hemoglobin molecule to become glycated. When measurements of HbA1c are clinically obtained, physicians can determine the average blood glucose levels. The higher the presence of glycated hemoglobin in an individual, the higher the risk of him contracting diabetes. Typically A1c falls between four and six percent. In case the percentage shoots to more than seven percent, one is said to be having diabetes, and thus the doctor gives prescriptions aimed at reducing the level of A1c to a percentage less than seven. Some of the orders provided by a physician involve eating right.

The patient is required to regulate the amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and calories consumed by reducing the intake of foods like rice and potatoes. Fatty foods are not recommended because they would raise the level of HbA1c. The patients are also not recommended to consume pass up sugary desserts like candy or ice creams. Other foods to avoid include fruit drinks, fried chicken or smoothies. However, people with diabetes are required to consume vegetables which would provide vitamins, mineral foods and anti-oxidants, a little protein and fiber foods. Also, the patients with high percentages of A1c are recommended to eat nuts. Nuts happen to be an excellent source of cholesterol-lowering sterols. Alternatively, fishes such as salmon have omega-3-fatty acids which are always good for lowering triglycerides and also lower blood pressure.

The recommended foods will react against blood glucose concentrations reducing the metabolic syndrome. The foods work by attaching their amino acid chains on the monoclonal antibodies that are unique for HbA1c. The whole process of break down glycated hemoglobin can be clinically explained by carrying out surveys relating to the prognosis of diabetic conditions. Ultimately, a report regarding weight loss will be filed in about three to six months after a successful treatment regime. Weight loss plateaus are as well registered at the end of the sixth month. However, successful treatments are achieved by patients maintaining a good contact with the physician. Alternatively, such dietary weight loss is difficult to achieve in patients with prevailing insulin prominence. At later stages of diabetic conditions, the medication regime should include insulin uptake apart from dietary measures.


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