HIV/AIDS Agenda Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-12

HIV/AIDS is a global epidemic issue that has been on the rise in the recent past whose outcome continues to negatively affect the affected individual, families, and states in one way or the other. People living with HIV/AIDS have multiple health issues to deal with. They develop other health complications including illness that affect their physical and mental health (Yehia, & Frank, 2011). Additionally, they are subjected to stigma and discrimination that makes it difficult for them to approach HIV services. Understanding these HIV/AIDS-related issues is essential to enhance specially tailored legislation to prevent its prevalence that has a negative impact.

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It is essential that the issue of HIV/AIDS is to understand and necessary legislation implemented to ensure there is care for these people. As access to care increases, there is a continued decrease in the deaths caused by HIV/AIDS. At the same time stigma and discrimination, the victims undergo continues to reduce (UNAIDS, 2016). HIV/AIDS Care ensures that those diagnosed with the disease have easy access to treatment. They also gain their health which reduces further spreading of the diseases to other groups. It becomes more comfortable for the country to deal with the challenges of HIV/AIDS (Mayer et al., 2012).

Since the HIV/AIDS epidemic began, nurses have been at the frontline to ensure that the infected people can manage this fatal infection thus their important role in the agenda. The nurses get involved in every stage from testing, counseling, treatment, and the recovery process (Chen, Han, & Holzemer, 2004). Thus, due to the important role that nurses play, they have the needed knowledge on how these people should be taken care of including the suitable places and number of nurses needed to care for infected people (Hassan, & Wahsheh, 2011). Nurses provide essential information as related to necessary resources to take care of the infected people and the effectiveness of achieving the care outcomes.


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