The Benefits of Undertaking Deakin Accelerated Program - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-13


There are many reasons that have drawn me to the opportunity of undertaking the Deakin Accelerated Program. Firstly, I can study for free as no tuition fees are accepted as part of the Program. In that case, I will save on my future criminology degree. Secondly, there are many study resources online as found through the Program. Today's world relies on the internet on almost anything and the ability to borrow and return books from the online shelf will make my learning smooth and myself flexible. Besides, I want to gain the criminology skills in theory as early as possible for reasons of better performance in the future. The program will let me get a prior experience of my favourite course before I fully embark on it. This will give me an easy time in the future during my studies. Furthermore, getting the university experience early will provide me with a smooth time in the future while joining the university.

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The Deakin Accelerated Program will also add to my resume, my drive and urge for benefit programs as well as my interest in anything that gains my skills for my career. My future employers will find interest in my commitment to education; hence; categorize me uniquely from others who are not interested in programs such as mentoring and training. Additionally, the course will take part in my VCE as my studies will start before I begin to accelerate. Therefore I will have settled in and ready to add the program into my study schedule. Since I want to study off-campus, I will also have a good time navigating through the latest seminars and effectively choose the best time I am available. The online classes and discussions will fit my VCE timetable easily with the Deakin Accelerated Program.

I have been managing time and prioritizing tasks efficiently both at school or off-school. This is a learned experience that I now practice involuntarily. In school, I find myself having enough time to complete all my assignments to avoid feelings of stress and frustration. Besides, with effective time management, I can plan ahead more effectively and set aside the time I need for other projects. The ability to prioritize my tasks has let me realize that I am more organized, confident, and can learn more effectively. Most of my peers experience a dreaded procrastination problem that leads them to poor performance both at school and out of school.

Among my favourite time, management strategies are creating a master schedule. It is with a concise schedule that I can plan how to work on my assignments and projects off-school. I have a good structure for most of the time that assists me in keeping track of what is required; hence, effectively meet deadlines. My schedule relies on daily routine activities. As soon as I reach my deadline, I set aside time to socialize and get enough sleep before embarking on my other plans. Besides, I ensure that I set my priorities well. For times that require me to achieve academically, I get more time for my experiments, writing, research, and essays to increase my chances for academic success. My priorities are scheduled over a time, where I select timelines of daily, weekly, or monthly bases. Such advance planning has increased my awareness and made it less for me to squander away critical time. I also ensure that I work on a single thing at a time. I rarely multitask for I know its consequences. I opt not to split my attention between more than single tasks as it is not the best way for me to learn. Even so, I avoid planning fallacy, and I do not get optimistic about the tasks I can accomplish on a squeezed deadline. As a result, I do not stress myself when tasks require longer timescales, and my schedule does not get pushed back to compensate for such time.

I have always yearned for the Deakin Accelerated Program; hence, I am psychologically prepared for my education. Additionally, I have various resources required to start my accelerated program. I have a laptop that will assist me in navigating through the online resources required for my program. Since the Deakin Accelerated Program Deakin Accelerated Program has most of its books and materials online, I have opted to have the means to access every material required to complete my course in a short time. Besides, I am building a rapport with various professors from the university who will assist me whenever possible. I do not want to get stuck at various daily issues such as lack of access to my desired trainers because I do not have any contacts with them. I also have some peers who are taking the accelerated program and whom we will assist each other in navigating throughout the entire 2020 period. I am also prepared for the changes I require before I start the program. I am doing this to avoid making last-minute changes. From time management to my psychological preparation, I believe I am a good timekeeper and as well prepared to join the Deakin Accelerated Program in 2020.

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