Essay Example on Purple Cloud: Economic Woes and Viable Solutions

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Date:  2023-02-23

Purple cloud is a security company that is growing rapidly; however, its facing issues on economics as it cannot keep up the pace of changing technology that is often experienced in large organizations with technical staff with proficiency (Cannady, 2009). Market instability that increases lending of mortgage results to unemployment, proving a great economic problem to the company. This paper will be able to show the resolution of the business, grounds supported in the research, viable theory for possible resolution, and how the values, mission, and vision of purple cloud has influence on viable options.

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In an attempt to increase market and product development, the owner of the company develops a strategy for the acquisition of companies with security technologies that were are promising. The ABCTech acquired were different with other technology in the market and posses elegant solution and could solve issues of daily updates. The shift of objective in the attempt to address the issue in the case of the purple cloud provides a new adaptation approach and implementation for it to see the result (Cannady, 2009). Adaptation for survival demands a company to reinvent its strategies for it to remain relevant in the competition (Cannady, 2009). The dynamic market especially of the United States may result in ideas becoming irrelevant as the competitors will adapt it in a short time.

Finance to be used to run the organization at present, and it should be outlined in the business plan stating all the operations and ideas that are to be done, including research for the market (Boso et al., 2018). Strategies for and contingencies for market should also be highlighted in the plan making sure that lack of cash may be the only failure if the plan does not work out (Boso et al., 2018). Mortgage, therefore, can be helpful for a moment, but eventually the operation of the business must be funded by its revenue. Therefore, future cash flow and potential shortfalls must be analyzed in the plan making sure to acknowledge the key reason for the business. A good personnel in the organization is critical in the sence that the purpose and idea of the firm is easly accomplished as they are expertise in their making. Therefore, the right choice of staff assigned roles they perform best results in the transition acquisition process and smoothening.

The acquisition strategies of the cloud security company need to be revisited with no limitation to professionalism, financiers, and accountants while understanding the importance of time in commercial implication (Tzeng, 2015). In doing this, the purple cloud company will realize full benefits through the integration of opportunities and the business. The company should therefore realize the tactics to employ for its success in transition. A group of committed individuals must be employed by the organization in dealing with strategic acquisition and collaboration while others to be involved in solving tasks in other areas.

Additionally, a strong team of managers and executives with an understanding of the security company that can realize the culture of the business should surround the external and internal framework of the company (Tzeng, 2015). The personnel in choice should be able to realize the marketplace of operation and the drive for customers' decisions and therefore able to deal with dynamic factors in the invironment.

The mission, vision, and value guide on how the staff in any organization will behave; however, there is no guidance on the people if the statements are not supported (Bratianu & Balanescu 2008). Mission and vision statements should be able to support one another, although the mission is much more specific, while vision shows how the future will be for the organization thus; they all correlate in ensuring that the purpose of the business is realized by the stalk holders and customer. These statements inform on the development strategies that will favor the organization in terms of making decisions on what to do after an investment has earned interest (Bratianu & Balanescu 2008). These statements in any organization provides the mirror to which the staff and the management view the progress of the business and by doing this, its able to achieve its stated goals. They also weigh out the objectives and goals that are used to gauge strategy success in the organization and therefore provide a platform that shows the progress of business before general auditing (Bratianu & Balanescu 2008).


The security company has several stakeholders originating from a diverse background who can employ their diverse techniques in the available few resources that the company has to see the goals are met. The purple cloud, therefore, should ensure that team members develop a trust of cooperation that reflects on the founding idea of the company with a wide agreement. By being able to lay out the social, ecosystem, and economic interests, the company is able to adjust and recommend new ideas that will see it compete with other firms in the same environment and be able to sustain all the market challenges that may arise in future. Therefore, by providing all these technological solutions it should be able to consider justice, ethics, values, future generation for it to resolve its economic and marketing issues.


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