Teaching and Assessing Language Arts Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

Language art has been quite effective in teaching children how to learn. Talking, listening, writing, reading, visually and viewing are the six used language arts that are incorporated into teaching to ensure children learn to speak faster and more effectively. These six languages art cover oral, writing and spoken skills. These art skills allow the user to understand their world through eh use of interactive questions and visuals that are fun and easy to handle. This program aims to centralize the teaching system for children that are being taught are different. They speak different languages at home than that they speak in school. Due to this, it was important to standardize learning (Nunan, 2015).

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The process of learning involves modifying the cognitive structure of the learner through their adaptation to the environment. The knowledge created by a student is based on their experience. Cognitive processes determine how an individual learns through thinking about what and how they are learning. Knowledge of a child is based on information gathered over time and is organized into schemata. Each schema includes categories of knowledge, a network that interrelated the different categories and rules that govern what is constituted in each category. Children's schemata are enlarged through assimilation and accommodation. In assimilation, information is integrated into categories that already exist while in accommodation the existing schemata are modified, or new ones are created.

In young children language is learned unconsciously through social integration. In a period of 3 to 4 years, a child's ability to construct sentences and understand the sentences spoken to them. Understanding language though is quite complex through. Two decades ago, language had four mode - reading, writing, listening and talking. Teachers of English though realized the importance of visual language and hence the inclusion of viewing and visual.

Listening for a child begins at birth. Many teachers ignore these skills as they assume that children know about listening. They should teach children how to listen and hear. There are different listening skills based on the purpose of listening. They should use listening strategies to monitor their understanding. Talking is also a commonly ignored skill since most children already know how to talk. Children are expected to talk while responding to literature and when giving feedback to their classmates. Reading is the process through which students decode words to comprehend. Reading skills will vary depending on their purpose. It involves the ability to make sense of phrases used in sentences and punctuation marks that help clarify the text. Writing is also a strategic process that is used to write stories, poems or reports. Viewing involves visual media like a print advertisement, photographs, DVDs among others. This skill is quite important in the 21st century due to a large number of visual media. Visual representation is the skill through which students make meaning of multiple sign systems such as digital photos, illustrations, and dramatization.

All these skills work together to help a student develop their communicative competence. All the six language art - listening, reading, viewing, visually representing, writing and talking. The combined use of these skills ensures that they communicate effectively and provide meaningful, genuine and functional activities. The achievement of influential communication is based on effective communication. Through the use of this skills, a teacher can standardize learning and ensuring that students learn effectively regardless of whether English is their first language or not.


Nunan, D. (2015). Assessing task-based language teaching. Task-Based Language Teaching, 138-165. doi:10.1017/cbo9780511667336.008

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