Target Market of Healthy Horizon Medical and Weight Loss Center Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-20

Healthy Horizon Medical and Weight Loss Center is an organization that will be involved in providing comprehensive primary care services as well as weight loss management to the adult population. To attain the significant objectives of Healthy Horizon Medical and Weight Loss Center, the company will aim at providing its services to a given targeted market that requires its services. The target market for Healthy Horizon Medical and Weight Loss Center will be individuals who are overweight who have attained eighteen years and above. Healthy Horizon Medical and Weight Loss Center will provide two major products to help the obese individuals; very low-calorie diets (VLCD) and low-calorie diets (LCD). The company will use these products as well as modifying the LCD with the aim of meeting all the needs of the adults who have complex health issues.

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VLCD products that the company will provide to the overweight adults will include the products that will offer minimum 55 g carbohydrates, 50 g protein, 10 g of high fibre, and 7 g of high fat. The scoring pattern of the amino acid present in the VLCD products provided by the organization must conform to the protein digestibility-corrected score of amino acid. The VLCD products that the company will offer will be aimed at helping the overweight adults in the manner that they provide short-term enhancement of blood pressure and weight loss, glycemia and serum lipids in the subjects that have been identified as overweight having type 2 diabetes. VLCD products provision can impede educational process that will be required for treating of diabetes and must be therefore used as a form of the educational program used in obese subjects that have been reported as having type 2 diabetes. Additionally, the company will promote awareness among the overweight adult population about the reducing implication of VLCD on the blood pressure as well as the effects on one's hyperglycemia that can cause various issues when the pharmacological therapies for these conditions are offered. The company will only market only the products that will be offering 450-800 kcal every day as VLCD. The organization will provide the recommended amounts of all the essential micro and macronutrients, and VLCD will be formulated in the forms f drink that will be aimed at replacing all the meals.

LCD products that the company will offer will include a high-nutrition plan that is calorie-controlled that the company will prescribe for the overweight adult and monitor them closely. The other product provided by the company to obese adults is LCD. LCD programs will make use of nutritional products and the meals that are portion controlled. Potassium supplements will not be required in LCD programs. In implementing LCD programs, the overweight adults will have their body weights were recorded in every week; their vital signs be taken after every four weeks, proposing a consultation with each physician every month and have the dietitian consultations be done two times every month. The price of VLCD and LCD will be determined by the level of modification that has been included in the products such that they attain various health issues.


The places that the company will use as the sale channels will be retail channels established in different locations throughout the country that will enable the company to reach the targeted audience economically. The VLCD and LCD products of the company will have a premium image that will be inexpensive that will help in promoting the products in the market.

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