Dressing for Dinner Review

Paper Type:  Article review
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Date:  2022-03-27

Dressing for dinner is an autobiographical essay that was written by Valerie steiker. Steiker reflects on her mother in her article who had left Belgium at the age of nineteen years to go and start a new life in America. She also illustrates how her mother would be overgenerous with her and her sister and lavish them with their affection. Valerie in her essay she explains how they lived a happy life and how they enjoyed being together with their mother together with her sister. Notably, Valerie enjoyed the company of her sister and their mother as it is shown in the contest. In her article, Valerie steiker explains the lifestyle of her mother. From Valerie's essay I choose three passages which involved their mother as the main character in all of them.

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In the first passage which talks of Valarie mothers' lifestyle with her family.in this passage this writer tells us about her mother, and she starts by explaining how she used to wear. From this passage we can know that Valerie's' mother was a small, elegant, dark-haired women who liked to dress on red, this is drawn from the point that Valerie's in her memory can see her mother in a bright-red coat. From this passage where we are first encountering this woman who was Valerie steikers mother, we can conclude that she was a caring mother. In the essay, it is stated that she used to offer her children that is Valerie and her sister with the first cut of the apple which was the best piece with its sweet flesh preserved in it. That behavior of the mother feeding her daughters first shows her caring and loving for her children. She also used to write to her daughter Valerie when she was at the college.

In the same passage, it comes out clear that this woman liked maintaining her beauty very much.it is said that this woman used to visit the beauty parlor more frequently for her and nails to be managed. Valerie says that she could find her mother for two or three afternoons a week in the beauty parlor and 'she also states that her mother used the beauty parlor as an office whereby she could just be talking o phone as she was being combed. Another trait of this woman brought out in this passage is she was quick-tempered. Her tempers are first indicated at first when she can home one day at the age of eighteen and told her mother who in this case is the grandmother to Valerie about a coat she had seen at the boutique. We can conclude that she was high tempered from the way she reacted when her mother said that the coat was too old for her, she chose to go too far in the other direction.

The second passage is on the early teenage days of Valerie's mother. We can trace that during those early days of her teenage she was very responsible. Her responsible behavior is crucial to us since we are told that she was a collector and kept any key that through her hands. She kept on teaching her daughters and husband that it was very good to keep records but they too if for granted. Valerie's mother loved others very much for we are told that she collected women who were strong and funny and also those who couldn't seem to find happiness. In this section, Valerie says that her mother didn't want her to know about divorce, sadness, and human folly. The other passage is on her lovemaking duration. During this period Valerie says that her mother had three love stories to tell. Notably, this woman did not give up easily because we can see how he dated men and divorced them until she met the third man who is her husband just as she was almost tired of men.

The character was a loving, caring and responsible lady. Notably, this lady who was Valerie's mother was loving because we are told that she used to collect friends and women who could not find happiness. Her loving trait is expressed by how she advises her daughter Valerie. Carrying trait of this woman is realized on how she treated her daughters to the point of giving them the first cut of an apple for them to enjoy first. We can also trace this woman writing to her daughter Valerie when she was at the college.


Conclusively, I would like to share a story of one lady who empowered, encouraged, challenge and counseled me to be who I am currently. Notably, there is this one lady by the name of Grace Paul who was my grandmother. My grandmother taught me that to succeed in life you will need other people and this inspired me. She could explain to me how they joined together as a group of ladies to form a small team that would be helping each other to toil their land back in the early ages. Many were the time I accompanied my grandmother to her firm so that she may teach me on how to work.

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