Syntax, Sentence Structure, and Punctuation - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-11-19


Capturing the attention of the reader is an important aspect every writer should focus. Choosing of words, putting them together and developing the flow in academic writing aids in attracting the reader's attention and hence the reader will keep his sight on the vision of the writer. This article will majorly share insight on some of the tools (syntax, sentence structure, and punctuation) a writer should adopt in engaging his readers. In addition, the article looks into expounding the ideas and making suggestions from own experience.

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Syntax refers to the manner in which words are assembled to make a meaningful sentence. Repeating the same words in different sentences hint at a repetitive syntax hence this makes your sentence to become onerous. For example, lecturers should care about their students. Lecturers who care about their students are better lecturers because they monitor their progress. Lecturers who care about their students have better performance index. This is a burdensome example of syntax in sentences. Instead, I would suggest a varying syntax which should make the reader more interested and engaged. For instance, lecturers should care about their students, and students consider lecturers who do so to be better educators. These students in turn, time and again have good academic performance (Walden University, 2015). In this manner, the monotony is evaded, and the reader keeps on reading with much interest.

Combination of clauses and phrases is what makes up the sentence structure. Matching and mixing of the two are what brings out variety and a sense of variation to a reader hence becoming more engaged in your writing. For example, tutors make lesson plans on tutors review lesson plans. Scholars gain from good tutors. Scholars learn a lot from tutors. It follows that an above example is a group of sentences which can be combined using phrases and clauses to add flavor to it. To expound on the example, it would be valid if the idea could be put to create a variation (Walden University, 2015). For instance, tutors are in charge of making and reviewing lesson plans. When tutors organize this well, scholars gain in a lot of ways. One gain can be improved performance. There is no change of words whatsoever, but the variation in the order of the sentences plus bringing in phrases and clauses in a better way ensures flow and hence engaging readers.

Punctuations are again vital in academic writing for they bring out the change in the structure of a sentence and assist the writer in making use of other tools (syntax and sentence structure). For instance, semicolon shows a pair of connected ideas which are whole sentences, a comma used in separating items in a sentence or even used to separate pair of whole sentences when and is added. Also, colon which is used in a list emphasizes how the exclamation arouses certain reader's attention (Walden University, 2015). For example, when a manager remarks, 'good work!' it makes one feel pretty nice compared to the same remarks 'good work' period. You are left torn in between whether the manager is sarcastic or enthusiastic. Hence, punctuations influence how a writer engages their audience.


In conclusion, I strongly agree with the organization of syntax, sentence structure as well as punctuation in building precision and clarity in sentences hence assisting writers in developing outline to avoid use of the MEAL plan and block sentences hence ensuring sentences have main points, analysis, evidence and even takes the reader to the next paragraph. Ideally, writing is an art and choosing proper ways to bring out an idea is what brings the difference and makes your work interesting.

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