Student's Self-Assessments Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-06

The Overall Score

The student has scored an overall 95.83% in all the tests, and this reflects a score of 28.7 of the total 30 points. These points were earned in a test that took approximately 26 minutes. In other tests, the student has scored an average of 100% except for the assignment that requires watching a video on Zappos Motivating Employees through Company culture. In this test, the student scored 66.67%. However, the rest of the tests, ranging from personal inventory assessment on team development behaviours to think like manager attitudes, saw an excellent performance because the student earned a total of 100% in each test. Through this, the accuracy of the student's performance is easily known (McMillan & McMillan, 2013). These results trigger various outcomes in some aspects.

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The Strengths and Weaknesses

With strengths and weaknesses, work motivation is a fundamental factor. There are only two possibilities here. The first is the high strength of employees, and this means that he or she will optimally perform. Secondly, the possibility is a converse of the first in which if the learner is not motivated, there will be a go-slow at work. This will be characterized by poor performance as well as little progress at work. In this assessment, the leaner is bound to post excellent results regarding strengths because of the high score in motivational tests.

Individual Contributor to the Company

In this part, the creativity scale of the learner counts. This quality, especially through critical thinking, enables an individual to work under minimal supervision to realize optimal results (Boone & Kurtz, 2010). This point applies whether an individual sits in the board of director or as junior staff. The net effect of this is enhanced performance and quality delivery of services to the company.

Team Player

As with the team playing qualities, the students scored 100%. This implies that he or he is bound to undertake activities regarding teamwork effectively. For instance, he or she will be better placed to organize and lead teamwork effectively (West, 2012). Under such circumstance, he or she will also be able to participate in teamwork organized by colleagues. The net effect of this attribute is that the learner can contribute to the development of his or her organization through teamwork.


In leadership, aspects of manager attitudes alongside emotional intelligence enhance leadership skills. The manager attitude, for instance, helps the learner to approach risks with effective strategies that aim at solving the issues (Hillson & Murray-Webster, 2017). Again, mastery and application of emotional intelligence are fundamental in identifying them with the employees' issues, challenges as well as problems, and the net effect of this is that the learner, as a manager, will manage their employees effectively with their issues inconsideration (Kite & Kay, 2012).

Action Plan

To iron and overcome the weaknesses and bump up the strengths, the first step is accepting their existence, and this is followed by mentorship from a trusted fellow. Again, hiring skills lacked is necessary. For instance, is an individual is poor at emotional intelligence, acquiring is becomes paramount. Finally, the application of these strategies is crucial, and this comes along with delivering services while practicing the action plan.


Self-assessments is an effective way of identifying individual qualities, strengths and weaknesses as well as competence regarding work in the various organization. It is through this that individuals can identify what to improve on as well as qualities to exploit to enhance their performance at the workplace. Ideally, self-assessment helps the learner be up-to-date with their skills and abilities


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