Article Analysis Essay on College Athletes as Employees and the Politics of Title IX

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Date:  2022-06-16


The issue of college athletes being treated as employees has been debated for a long time, and many controversies have also risen out of the same. Many people have been on the front line to politicize the matter as they want everyone to be treated well when it comes to the payments that are made in that line. According to the article on "College Athletes as Employees and the Politics of Title IX," there will be adverse changes if the student-athletes would be considered as athletes and earned compensations.

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The changes would be seen from the fact that many will stop focusing on education with the amount of seriousness that it deserves and therefore start regarding schools as places of making money. This would be an adverse change because many will go school and act as athletes so that they can be able to earn some of the compensations that are offered. It is a fact that student-athletes need to be compensated but treating them as employees will deteriorate their performance in class. Many will be on the notion that there is no need to have some seriousness in studies whereas they are already earning by representing the school in important tournaments.

Most of the people who organize various sports in schools have been provided with funds that they use to award those who have won in multiple competitions. The sports department in schools has also been found to have a lot of money that is wasted, and therefore there are proposals that it should be used to award those who have done well in schools and those who are always doing the right forms of representation. However, some schools have both boys and girls, and this will result in cases of inequality and discrimination. The girls do not put a lot of effort in the games, and that means they will be getting fewer compensations than their male counterparts. In that case, it is evident that there will be adverse consequences if at all the student-athletes are considered as employees.

The cost of treating student-athletes as employees would come at the expense of the students via athletics, and that means most of the non-revenue teams would be cut off. The students are the ones who will be forced to pay for the funds that are needed to run the sports and also make sure the athletes are getting the right kinds of compensation. This means that it will be unfair to people who are not participating in any sport to still pay the money that will be used to compensate others. This would only be applicable if all the students are taking part in the games and that they have a share that comes in that line.

Having in mind that the students are not working, the parents are the ones who will carry the burden of increased school fees to compensate the student-athletes. There is a belief that paying the student-athletes will boost their morale and do better in sports. This is true, but it will also have a negative impact on their future as they lose the kind of concentration that is needed when it comes to education. All the teams that do not make revenue will now have to be cut as they are not making any efforts to consider the student-athletes as employees.

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