Colleges Should Not Experience Football Ban Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

Proposers argue that college football aims at exploiting athletes. Also, college soccer is life-threatening and costly as football coaches are paid too much at the expense of the football players. Despite the dangers associated with football, there should be no banning of College football due to the following reasons -:

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In the American cultural setting, football plays a significant role where it offers benefits to college learners, college athletes and the community at large. The impact of football on students' life is equivalent to the satisfaction college students obtain from theatre and other artistic activities. Also, college footballers choose to expand their talent in soccer, and the viewer's willingly pay to watch. College football is a perfect society reflector. In every category of work division, there are risks associated and so does college football. Not all government-sponsored activities in the community programs offer benefits to every person at the same time, so does college football (Kennedy 35).

There should be no College football ban as football offers a good slice of life. During the match period, the local communities enjoy the capital flow. Also, College football provides a healthy break from study pressure. Families who have their children playing football in the colleges feel the joy thus cementing the relationship. Also, football winners give their college and its stakeholders a feeling of pride after participating in a competitive match (Waever 54).

College football can be a source of institution's income. For example, the University of Texas in the year 2012 realized revenue of $103 million dollars from college football after spending $25 million for the football preparation. The underlying reasons behind the success of the football (University of Texas investment) were the twenty-year-old three hundred million dollars contract for the accumulative Texas sports and licensing of royalties in the year 2011 to establish the Longhorn networks as a new telecasting branch. Texas accumulated a lot of income from making a sale of its logo and the merchandise which had recorded the best selling merchandise for seven consecutive years (Kennedy 154).

Most of the college's students, especially the less privileged football players have gotten the chance to access higher education through scholarships. Also, college football has offered scholarships to the less fortunate individuals. Also, college football creates an identity as well as the strong bond between societies and the colleges. For instance, the student Lotulelei, a defensive lineman of Utah benefits a lot from college football. The young man faced a lot of struggles in his academics, but through football, Lotulelei gained support. Such situation precipitated to emergence of Lotulelei in the National Federal League draft in 2013 (Kennedy 13).

College football nurtures character, solidarity, and everlasting friendships amidst playmates. College football prevents anti-socialism and energy misdirection like young college men involving themselves in criminal activities.Also, college football's relieve students from book work and stimulate brain cells to function better as the saying goes,"all work without play makes Jack a dull boy." College football acts as a source of inspiration to the masses. College football also creates heroes and heroines. Also, college football supports various industries like communication, medical, hospitality, and sports preparation industries (Weaver 64-76).

The core purpose of the academic institution is to provide education. However, if sports are scrubbed off from the institutions, it could give a poor experience. Linde refers to the situation as an egghead gathering awaiting robes and decorations (40). He goes ahead to say that young people would be dwelling in the laboratories discussing book works and the dormant way of living could be a threat by itself as individuals lack the emotion obtained from campus football.

Inadequate play results to the development of myopic attitude among college students because they encounter minimal socialization which changes the learner's personalities. Such factors tend to occur because students focus their mind on academic trials. At times, some aspects of campus life can be overwhelming. Such factors reflects societal challenges (Linde 26). As Albert Einstein, Steinbeck and Steve Jobs put it, human beings resemble carbon units made of flesh, sensory organs, and ganglion awaiting the complete enchilada to enhance communication'.

Entertainment is innate, and it has been in existence for a long time. Since the era of Greek sports to the Roman sports. From the Mayan's era to the Afghans era of running after goats using horses. Such situation implies that sports entertainment is recommendable and thus college football should not be banned.

My argument is that college football creates well-rounded persons. Despite the risks associated with college football, a question arises. How can college football improve? Jumping tackles and bone-crunching kicks increase football fun. However, the two form the basis of football analysis for concussions associated with football. The current studies indicate that individuals who suffer concussions have a higher chance of developing cognitive problems. Therefore, the following measures should be taken to curb the risk:

  • Understanding concussions

Medical practitioners have not yet identified a measure for detecting concussions. However, currently, there are no standardized criteria for identifying concussions. There are symptoms which portray concussions like memory and vision problems. Therefore, football players should visit medical centers once they experience a blow to the head for concussions' investigation (Schwell 90).

  • New helmets

The design of the modified helmets is to slow down the impact of kicking pressure to the skull. The modified design minimizes the chances of scalp injuries and neck movements (Schwell 92). Hence, college football players should make use of the helmets to reduce chances of concussions.

  • Use of Neck stabilization Devices

Modification of neck support plays a significant role in minimizing football concussions. The neck stabilizing helmets helps in slowing down the neck motion thus eliminating concussions. Hence, contact sports should use neck stabilizing devices to act as shock absorbers as the fluid straps in the modified neck support solidify once stressed (Schwell 92).

  • Mouth guards

Researchers conclude that advanced mouth guards can prevent contact sports from concussions. A study by general Dentistry indicated that contact persons who used mouth guards suffered lesser brain injuries than those who played without. Mouth guards protect teeth, jaw, tongue, and lips' damage (Shcwell 93).

  • Helmetless training

Although helmetless training sounds contradictive, it is important to train football players to adopt a good playing behavior change where they mind of their playmates. Such training tactics helps in minimizing chances of concussions (Offensive Football Strategies 39).

Although practitioners are trying to establish every possible intervention and changes to the game, contact sports shall ever be in danger of concussions. As a result, Swartz gives a strong caution counter to giving much research to solving concussion. Such factors arise because concussions occur in football due to the sport's nature. Just like the nature of any other game, football is not all safe.

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