Students Behavior and Progress Management - Essay Sample on Teaching

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Date:  2021-06-17

As a teacher, I have come across many types of students during my years of practice. There are those who are attentive, sharp and perform well and also the type of students who are disruptive especially when they are not interested or do not understand a certain topic. Due to the interaction with such variety of students, I have gained experience that enables me to deal with different problems that arise in the classroom. Some behaviors require a lot of patience and observation so as to get to the root cause of the problems as dealing with them without having the full scope of the problem can lead to bad judgments and decision making. It is very important to learn the applicable techniques of exercising and coming up with good classroom management strategies so as to make the studying and interaction period with students become great.

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In this paper, am dealing with a student who constantly disrupts the class by talking out of turn, and also exhibits off-task behavior even with direct instructions on collaborative group work. That, in turn, impends the process of learning thus calling for different measures applicable for intervening the situation. As a teacher, I would apply different strategies to intervene this problem and help the student appropriately. First, I would not raise my voice or yell at the student as this will rub off badly to the whole class, and it is also clear that most students love arguing back. Addressing the student calmly and in a collected manner creates an air of seriousness such that the student will reflect on his mistakes. As a teacher, it is important to know the background of the student and anything that may be the cause of his or her actions. It leads to better judgment as the student may be having concentration problems emerging from a crisis at home or a dysfunction.

Secondly, the student may be disruptive because he or she thinks you as the teacher is not handling a certain situation appropriately. When you ask him or her to stop, a reply is evitable, and it may be either positive or negative. The students think you dont have the ability to correct the situation. To resolve this as a teacher, I ask them to stop with a very firm voice and am very abrupt in putting across my point. The student will realize he or she has crossed the line and thus will act accordingly so as to avoid the punishment of detention. It is also advisable to involve the parents in dealing with such a problem, the education psychology and behavior management theories call for parent training so as to familiarize them with behavior management as a strategy of helping deal with the disruptive student. Such behaviors may be caused by emotional related issues such as depression, hyper activeness, being temperamental and understanding this helps formulate a good and comfortable learning platform for the student where he or she can concentrate and be productive in the long term.

It is also advisable to consider the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of LAUSD parents so as to know how to treat them and also their children during various forums. A school needs goals and strategies in regards to these parents and students. Every LAUSD student needs to receive education in a learning facility that incorporates a safe and caring environment so as to prepare the student effectively for further learning and also life. LAUSD also calls for equal treatment of all students as they are all worthy candidates for maturing so as they can acquire their full potential. Additionally, recognizing gifted and special students and also those who have diverse backgrounds in terms of race, culture, linguistics and socioeconomics helps a lot in designing strategies to enhance their various abilities. A number of schools have thus come up with programs that help in addressing issues that arise from the above type of students and also that help in coming to a productive conclusion when addressing the problems with the students parent or guardian.

Another issue I am addressing, in this case, is the situation where a student appears to be engaged and also turns in all the assignments given but struggles with assessments tests thus does not meet the grade-level academic standards. As a tutor, it is clear that that student is bright and the problem arises due to a number of issues. First, the student may not be motivated enough so as to pass effectively. Lack of morale means that the student is not attentive to his grades as he does not know the advantage of passing well and doesnt have future goals. Another problem is anxiety issues that arise during exams period thus the pressure disrupt the student during revision and when doing the tests thus making him inadequately equipped. As a teacher, I would ensure my teaching methods are connected to the real life so as to show the student the purpose of learning and passing exams.

Secondly, I would use his interests and the factors that fascinate the student so as to make the learning process enjoyable and interesting. I would also advise him on self-monitoring and self-evaluation skills so as the student can gauge himself or herself accordingly and know where to improve. Altering instructions also helps in making the questions and learning materials understandable to the student. Becoming aware of different outside factors that may affect the progress of a student helps in the proper formulation of strategies to facilitate better performance. By knowing the socioeconomic background of the student, I will know the stressors that influence the student's performance thus come up with better instructions to counter such problems

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