Essay Sample on Early Child Development: Caring for Vulnerable Children in Their Early Stages

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Date:  2022-12-28


Early child development is a career that involves dealing with children who are in their early stages of growing and learning. These people have little or no knowledge about life. Therefore, they are vulnerable in every aspect of life. Consequently, handling them requires utmost care to avert chaos and confusions that often characterize a group of children in their early developmental stage. Early child development is a career that is not popular among many people. This finding is attributable to the sacrifices that come with this career. Therefore, I admit to be lucky to have the chance to interact with this career. As an individual who works within the realm of early child development, I expect numerous opportunities and challenges while dealing with children. This discourse, therefore, is an analysis of the positive and negative impacts of the early child development career in my life.

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Among the major positive aspects of the early child development career is that it will enable me to understand how to establish a good background for my children. Given that this career entails working with children and guiding them on how to deal with various aspects of life, I will get the chance to learn how to handle my children as a parent. Child care is one of the major assignments of parents, yet many fail in their roles to bring up their children accordingly (Nutbrown 103). Unfortunately, they lack the requisite knowledge of early child development. In most cases, such parents neglect the critical issues and needs of their young children, making children vulnerable to the pressures of society. Luckily, for my children, my career will make me understand them, and offer the best life skills in their early childhood developmental stages. Primarily, my job will serve two significant roles in society, which target the community and my family.

Early child development career is not just a career but a vocation. One has to be in love with children, and they have to be ready to deal with the challenges that come with taking care of children. Unfortunately, many people shy away from this career as a result of the demands that come with it. It is a career that one has to literary deal with all the tasks that a parent would undertake when with their child. Due to its high demand with fewer people in this career, it has become lucrative in terms of financial gains, especially in private institutions (Biddle, Garcia, Henderson & Valero-Kerrick 9). I am, therefore, excited that this career will accord me the financial freedom to meet all my plans and desires of life. Through this career, I will educate my children and develop a decent home. Besides, this career will enable me to invest heavily so that at my retirement age, I will have enough money to sustain my then frail life.

There is nothing as sensitive to a parent as the welfare of their child (Ethridge). Given that this career puts me at the center of the welfare of children, many parents would want to associate with me in their quest to see positivity in the development of their children. With such a close relationship, I will make many friends of which many are parents. Such friendship will facilitate networking whereby I will access many opportunities in life.

Despite the prestigious nature of the child development career, it does not lack some harmful elements. For instance, this career is sensitive, which means any slight mistake can lead to its end. Dealing with a large group of children who lack a rational mind to differentiate between right and wrong makes it a delicate affair. Therefore, it puts me in a risky situation, especially when I mistakenly do something wrong to a child. When such an occurrence takes place, the wrath of parents can be unbearable since they know that it is their child who pays the price for the mistake done by the instructor (Goffin 24). To some extent, I can get sacked by hiring institutions at any time if such errors occur.

Another negativity associated with the child development career is that it is tiresome. Envisage a situation where I have to work with children who do not understand anything. Some of these children cannot take instructions. Others soil themselves and even accost their peers. Despite these occurrences, I am required to remain calm and handle these children with all the care and affection. By the time I go to my house in the evening, I will be tired in body and mind (Alvestad, Bergem, Eid, Johansson, Os, Winger & Samuelsso 671-688).


In conclusion, early child development is one of the best contemporary jobs that any person would love to have. Apart from being a career, it is a calling since it affects the early life of people. Furthermore, this career has become so prestigious owing to the attractive remunerations that come with it. Any person looking for financial freedom should try this career. In terms of networking, this career is perfect due to its ability to bring parents closer. However, its primary challenge is the sensitivity attached to this career, which often leads to loss of jobs in case of mistakes. Additionally, it is a tiresome endeavor since it entails working with individuals who cannot differentiate between right and wrong.

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