Reflection Paper on Personal Counseling Sessions

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Date:  2022-08-23

When first starting this class, I was extremely apprehensive about the counseling sessions. The very thought of going to a counseling session and talk with someone made me nervous. I became more nervous once I realized that I needed a topic to be counseled on. We could not say this is for our class. What will I say? What am I going to talk about? Will they think I am crazy? What will others think? All of these questions rolled around for the first month of class this semester. Some of my apprehension came with the stigma about counseling and that feeling that I will appear weak or crazy. I have never attended advice of any kind until these sessions for this class. I was slightly reserved and uneasy about the meetings, but I was ready to obtain an open mind and look at the view of counseling from a different perspective. I decided for my sessions for this class that I would attend two meetings at the ULM Counseling Center and two sessions at ULM Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic. I determined that I would get a clearer idea of the differences that the counseling spectrums could provide. My experience with all four of the sessions was not at all what I had imagined. I was nervous at first but seemed to be more at ease after the first 10 minutes or so. I do not feel that my feelings were validated through these experiences at all. This was the same for both counseling centers. The two different counselors I attended sessions with both seemed to be genuinely concerned and interested in what I was speaking about.

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At the Counseling Center, my counselor's name was Trey. I talked with him about my stress of life after graduation in December. I mean that the real question isn't it? What will I do with this degree and all this school debt? It is an area struggle. He immediately made me feel comfortable from the very start of the session. He was engaged in our conversation and communicated great feedback. I would say he built rapport with me fairly quickly. However, I will say it was not as easy with my counselor at the ULM MFT Clinic. I met with Cole for two sessions at the MFT clinic, and it did not flow as smooth as my previous counselor. My topic was not as common as my other. I talked about some tension with my half-brother after the death of my father. Some conflict that has not been resolved in 3 years. He seemed to be interested and wanted to help but struggled as what to say, therefore, it appeared that I did most of the talking. I did not feel as comfortable with Cole and at times thought it too awkward. The rapport with him and I was not ever fully established with just two sessions.

My sessions at the Counseling Center with Trey had progressed from the start. He generated great conversation and feedback during each of the sessions. Trey gave precise comments and suggestions in our sessions that provided a solution to my situation. He appeared to be prepared for our appointments, and at our second session, he regurgitated some information given to him from our first session. He asked questions and details for confirmation to keep the conversation clear. The sessions with Cole at the MFT clinic were different. I did not feel as though we made any progress with our sessions. He was attentive in session but seemed uneasy with giving solutions to the situation. It was awkward to me that in both sessions, he would take a 10 min break in the middle of the session. He would leave the room, and them return after 10 minutes. I facetiously responded to my husband that I have him away from being a counselor.

In counseling sessions, I realize that it is imperative to have excellent listening skills. That communication between the counselor and the client needs to be clear and precise to be successful. I also realized that as the client that I had to be honest and clear with my emotions for the session to be profitable as well. I the positive side of counseling and seen the benefits. It was stress relieving to vent and get the advice of someone from the outside. I realize that as a counselor it is important to stay engaged, organized and patient. As an as a client it is equally important to be the same for the counseling to be beneficial.

After my counseling sessions were completed, I felt relieved. I did think that some stress had been lifted. My sessions with Trey were successful, and I received the affirmation I needed for my sessions. I was relaxed with him in session and used the sessions as a chance to unload and vent. He was engaged and direct with his feedback and kept the conversation moving smoothly. My sessions with Cole was not quite as smooth. However, I feel like I gained a solution for my family situation just by attending and talking. I am confident that I feel better and have an answer to resolve the conflict with my half-brother. I will take the advice that both counselors provided to help address my issues or situations.


My evaluation for the counseling sessions is positive. I realize the benefits of attending counseling and the value that it can have. My thoughts on advice were contorted and completely rigid. I have always thought counseling was for severe and dangerous issues of life. I was utterly naive to the benefits it would have on the everyday issues in life. I enjoyed observing the aspects of being a counselor and the client. I have considered becoming a counselor but did not realize the qualifications it entails. It requires understanding, compassion, and empathy to become a good counselor. Listening and communication skills is essential as well. Counseling can be a challenging but rewarding job. It can be challenging to keep your mental health safe; therefore it is important to set rules and limits for yourself. A counselor should know their limits. My experience with this part of the class has been informative. I was able to change my perspective on counseling and observe it first-hand. I will take the knowledge I gained from my sessions and help others. I think this assignment has changed my idea of counseling for the better.

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