Strategies in Learning Style That Improve Studies Essay

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Date:  2022-09-20

In describing what a learning style is, several definitions can be given. For instance, learning styles may refer to the different strategies that learners utilize when trying to take in new information, the manner in which a learn absorbs, understands, expresses and recalls information. The are four renown styles of learning namely Visual learning, Auditory learning, Read/Write learning style and Kinaesthetic learning style. These learning styles are commonly known as VARK (Fleming & Baume, 2006). However, for this paper reading/writing learning style is focused on in detail. This learning style is just as it is phrased-reading and writing. A learner can employ several strategies in this learning style to improve in their studies.

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In this style, a learner who focuses in improving in studies needs to utilize several tools such as glossaries, reading notes textbooks over and over again and also writing notes in several versions. In this learning style, learners learn mainly through reading text and writing down notes, nothing more. Due to the nature of many university courses - a lot of textbooks and notes to read, this method is the most suitable for students. Read/writer learners need to pay close attention to glossaries of the textbooks they read, and to better that, they make their glossaries as they continue with the course. This helps students to master the content of the textbooks such that they are able to remember information with ease (Anderson, 2016). Creating their own glossaries becomes an extra mile for any student who wants to improve in their studies. After each lecture, students should review their notes, re-read them and create a new but condensed set of notes.

To improve in studies, it is a good strategy to paraphrase written study notes in their own words trying to remember the content. In so doing, the student will know the concepts that are unclear and are a bit hard to understand. Those concepts that are unclear to the students can then be reviewed further in the study notes. During lectures, students should paraphrase what the professor says and what is written the slides if they want to improve their studies.

For reading/writing learners wishing to improve their studies, those learners who tend to lean more towards reading may benefit more if they dedicated some of their time searching for supplementary materials on the topic they are learning about (Kharb, Samanta, Jindal, & Singh, 2013). By so doing, students are able to not only read the relevant materials but also broaden their knowledge and understand the concepts in more detail.

In most times, readers and writers like using lists because they find that as the best strategy to put their ideas in an organized list such that it is sensible to them. These types of learners make a list of the key concept and main ideas while they are studying in an effort to improve their studies. The listing assists the students in making sure that they do not forget to the student a certain concept. Again, the lists are helpful because the students' brains find it simple to organize information and easily remember concepts during tests (Kharb et al., 2013). The list doesn't have to be in any order, this is not important, but it should be sensible to the learner for it to be a helpful study assistant. Therefore, lists are a good strategy to employ while reading and writing for students to make improvements in their studies.


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