Essay Sample on Why I want to be a Doctor

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Date:  2022-11-06


Choosing to be a doctor is one of the tough decisions I have made recently. It was not the career path I wanted to follow from a young age. I thought of being a lawyer to become a public defender or a prosecutor, but I did not want to be involved in politics that would taint my morals. Luckily, I recently discovered my passion and interest in medicine during my shadowing program at a local hospital. What I like most about being a doctor is the ability to help other people regain their health and put a smile on their faces. My unwavering dedication towards being a doctor is supported by my excellent working skills, strong work ethics, passion for medicinal efficiency and compassion towards human life.

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As someone who has volunteered in a food bank and a hospital, I have learned a lot about being a physician and how to deal with people in need. Over the summer break, I shadowed a critical care neurologist at a local hospital. The program was helpful and informative in the realization of the daily life of a physician. I identified the empathy one needs to deal with patients, especially those in an unconscious state or a comma. I also learned that dealing with grieved families is also a critical activity that requires a personal touch and top-notch professionalism. I observed how the neurologist engaged and consulted patients' families concerning complex health situations. I realized that excellent communication skills are necessary to avoid miscommunication and causing panic among patients and their relatives.

I recently started working as a scribe at a local hospital. I follow around emergency doctors as they attend to various critical emergency cases across multiple departments. During a typical workday, I get to see and record different emergency cases ranging from psych and strokes. I also interact and pay close attention to doctor's instructions to identify their daily routine. Additionally, I have the opportunity to visit the theater, intensive care unit, and consultation rooms, where I have observed the diversity and sophistication that medicine encompasses. I have seen many succumb to various illnesses, which has motivated me to venture into the career so that I can help protect and preserve human life. Throughout the two programs working under doctors' supervision, I have observed how they develop genuine interest, attitude, and motivation towards their cases. The phenomenon assisted me in realizing the privileges of venturing into such an exciting career.

Last year, while still a student at Penn State University, I switched my majors from biology to philosophy. I focused on improving my philosophical background about work ethics and harnessing my reading and comprehension skills. Alongside my deep ethical understanding, working under pressure is one my vital skills. I believe the trait will allow me to maneuver many challenges associated with being a physician. Secondly, I am a fast learner, an ability that primarily assisted me in getting along with other doctors in my placement programs. I am also dedicated and capable of devising solutions to complex issues concerning being a doctor, which will facilitate my efficiency and activities as a physician. I acknowledge that being a physician is not an easy path; instead, it is a sophisticated career that requires compassion, dedication, and sacrifice. Nevertheless, I believe medicine to be a gratifying and fulfilling profession. I want to be a physician due to my newly found enthusiasm and passion for helping sick people regain their health and happiness. I focus on developing my career on empathetic patient-doctor relationships. Significantly, I believe I possess the enthusiasm, skills, and attitude required to excel in such a job.

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