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In higher education, a well-developed strategic plan, and assessment are some of the key factors that result in the accreditation of an institution, because this kind of system will deliver variables, tools and also a vision that is required to show the required proof that a particular institution is achieving its goal. According to us higher education council of accreditation (CHEA) they emphasis that accreditation is a very important part of a schema that serves and continue to serve the higher education (Eaton, 2006). Accreditation as in many instances used to preserver the overall diversity hence keeping a healthy competition which is significant in developing the essential educational experience to students, especially in the united states. On the other hand, assessment has played a vital role in upholding accreditation of higher education through the strategic plan as it helps in understanding how a specific education system is working and hence help in the identification of the appropriate KPI's and metrics. Hence this essay aims at analyzing some of the key interrelationships that exist between assessment, strategic planning for the accreditation of an institution.

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As defined by the society of colleges in the united states. This a progressive process that is aimed at achieving a complete engagement culture in an institution which hence results in excellency. A well-implemented and designed strategic planning process ought to establish forums that ensure that all-important matter is well handled. Through this process, the assessment aspect can be kept in place easy, easy accreditation and finally resource allocation in an institution.

The key element of planning includes mission statement which delineates the reasons for the existence of an institution and its reasons for achievement. Values are also a key component for strategic planning because they are used to explain the stands of an institution to do its activity. Values are essential because they assist in the assessment process and creating a measure that supports and withstand all the key elements. Vision is also a key component in the strategic plan as it assists in the assessment of the institution intent t exist in a specified timeframe. This defines the institution's position in the future and the key element which relates to the institutional mission statement.

Goals and objectives are also a key component in strategic planning these are used in connoting specific achievement that an institution ought to achieve in a specified timeframe. The use of objective generally creates general directions and guidelines but without the specifics of completion (Eaton, 2006). And finally implementing a plan is essential in the aspect of assessment and accreditation and this process mainly establishes value to the board that governs an institution.

The Relationship in The Accreditation Process

According to the united states commission on higher education their many similarities that exist between the institution assessment, strategical planning, and accreditation. as they acknowledge an aspect of institutional mission which is established. There is a need for a particular institution to have a greater understanding of all the relationships that exist between its diversity to the society and its mission. Hence to understand and achieve the institutional accreditation the ought to implement the first component of the strategic planning.

An institution that is operation is mainly integrated through factors like academics, staff, financials and all the other auxiliary factors. There is a need for policies to be put in place that mainly governs the ethical behavior as part of the governing board. This implies that both the assessment and the accreditation are linked to strategic planning through the element of 'value'. Hence for an institution to establish its mission during the accreditation process they ought to present well-defined values which are an essential strategic planning milestone.

During the accreditation process teaching and learning are very essential. All institutions are mandated to provide educational support to all the learning students. This in response an institution must have high-quality staff and learning programs to support the students. This is a fulfillment claim that an institution has to make to enrich the education ecosystem. For an institution to achieve such an accreditation process an institution ought to clarify their vision and the current position as directional commitment. This a key component in both assessment the strategical planning hence showing their interrelationship.

During the learning, the teaching process of accreditation there is an aspect of assessment that comes through the accreditation process of improvement and evaluations. The improvement process act as the main driving force that drives an institution forward throughout the path to attain its mission. This process involves the assessing of the teaching and the quality of education they are offering to the student. This important in identify some of the worrying trends that should be avoided and this all is achieved through the interrelations between all the three higher education key components.


Eaton, J. S. (2006). An overview of US accreditation. Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

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