Research Paper on Universal Preschool: Awareness and Future

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Date:  2022-12-28


Even though Universal Preschool is proposed internationally and is present in many countries, not much is said regarding this topic. Not much information is given out about the role that pre-school plays in people lives. Universal preschool has been adopted by several the country for different reasons, but not much is said about its future in the media. There are enough topics related to the subject of universal primary education but what puzzles are the low rate of awareness is created about it. Additionally, there are few reports concerning this kind of education quality that has been recorded or is intended to be offered by the universal preschool program. However, there is more need to concentrate on this topic. Universal preschool affects the society significantly, and therefore its awareness should be created both locally and internationally. There is so much information that is expected to be on the media and online sites about this topic. Every state or nation that has the intention of adopting the universal preschool should not find it hard to look through for what universal preschool is. Universal preschool has been in existence for quite enough times, but there is a failure in knowing the reason why the topic is not widely discussed in society, nationally and internationally.

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Universal Preschool is an international movement that provides access to public school education to all children (US Department of Education). The program is adopted by several countries to provide for full-day preschool obtainable for children at age 4 or public school kindergartens. Currently, the states that offer this program include Georgia, Florida, and Oklahoma (US Department of Education). There is also research that has been done that have presented the pros and cons of this program. However, even though some research has previously been done on this topic still not much is talked about it. Many children in the united states participate in preschool but as has a low percentage of preschool going children when compared to the other industrialized countries. However, according to the US Department of Education reports, 40% of the children that attend preschool are from low-income families (Morgan, 19). This percentage is lower compared to 60% of their peers from wealthy families that enroll in preschool. Reasons for this disparity in rate is still not published. The state has put a lot of effort in the provision of universal of preschool education, but the turn-out is contrary to the expectations of many as it benefits the wealthy more than the poor. The fact this is not addressed well as an issue of concern proves universal preschool has not been so much talked about despite the controversies that surround it. Children that need free education the most are the ones that are less likely to benefit from this program (Morgan 19). Universal preschool is a program that is adopted by many countries, but only a few of the expected number of students have benefited from this movement.

Existence of self-interest in the preschool program is an example of an issue that is affecting the movement. Many people in America are complaining about their contribution through tax, and yet the benefit is only intended to go to the poor. It is just logic to think of it as a way of the rich demanding for equality. Therefore, as contrary expected there is a large number of rich children benefiting from the universal preschool than the poor. There is a call for social justice by both classes in America. The Americans do not view it fair to contribute their taxes towards free preschool education that is intended to benefit the low income with no direct stake for themselves. Thus personal eligibility influences the policies on the eligibility of children that receive universal preschool. Therefore there is great controversies between which families benefit the most from the comprehensive preschool program. Inequality a significant issue that is not commonly addressed in the implementation of this program. However, for the success and broader adaptation of this program, it is essential that the theory of equality be discussed. Children from lower-income families miss chances to join preschool yet the larger population of the students in these schools are rich children that can fund their private education. Addressing this controversy will ensure that every member of both poor and wealthy families benefit equally on the knowledge. Thus the states government should reconsider the tax policies regarding the eligibility on enrollment on the universal preschool education (Haeck, Lefebvre Merrigan 140) 1. Self-interest has been one of the unaddressed problems that cause controversies on the implementation of universal preschool education.

The Universal preschool has not as much benefited the students as it has added cost on the taxpayers. The general idea that universal preschool is a way of increasing performance is overrated, and the opposite has taken place. Compared to the silent cries of the task payers about the cost of this program in Georgia and Oklahoma, there is no demonstrated improvement in performance but rather a drop has been recorded (Morgan 19). There is continued evidence that shows that schools that are government funded have failed to fulfill the promise of high performance to their private school proponents. What is never discussed about free access to education is the fact that free admission of many children produces worsened behaviors and emotional outcomes. There is little done in these schools to improve future performance and behavior corrections. Additionally, the teachers at these governments funded preschools have a large class to take care of and therefore becomes quite hard to nature every child according to their needs. The lack of enough deployed teachers in these preschools has led to a recorded drop in performance. These poor performance records are more painful to taxpayers as they feel that their money is not well utilized to produce tangible fruits (Haeck, Lefebvre Merrigan 137). Thus it is necessary that when implementing this program, the government should consider equipping these institutions with highly qualified teaching staff to produce results that correspond to the amount of money that is invested in the same.

There also exists the unspoken fact that the type of education offered by universal preschool is of low quality. There is no need to establish universal preschool if it cannot provide high-quality education to children from low-income earners. According to Karl Alexander in an interview at Arise America, many parents agree that the training offered by the universal preschool movement is of low quality and thus there is still no equity in the education sector (ARISE AMERICA INTERNATIONAL). As aforementioned, there exist reasons that contribute to the offering of poor quality education such as few teachers teaching a class of many students. He goes ahead to say that in his study only 4% of the lower income have been able to gain success certificate at age 28 in Biltmore. The issue is not addressed as the people who bring children to these early learning institutions don't have any other options. There is a wrong belief that the government has done enough through the provision of free preschool education. This is the unspoken truth that is present in this movement. There is no equality in this case as the children in these schools are not in a position to acquire the same education that the peers in other schools are receiving. The saddest part is the fact that the parents of children from wealthy families have resorted to taking their juniors to these schools so that they can make their taxes find use. However, it is essential to address this issue of low-quality education to the low class to level the rising complains of social justice. Additionally, the provision of high-quality preschool public education would help many middle and low-class families acquire an education that is of high quality. Many preschool institutions offer low-quality education to low and middle-class students.

Preschool has brought benefits since the children can attend school but the striking questions if it is the right kind of education to offer children as a foundation for development. All that is explained are the benefits and only but a few gaps, but it is never told that a child's future academic success depends on the type of education that is given to them at the preliminary stages of learning. Daycare costs a lot in both America and the United Kingdom, but it is important to note that it is worth it to put children in schools that offer high-quality education to get assurance that they are provided an excellent academic foundation that would otherwise aid in the future. Higher quality attainment at a younger age has been proven to have a direct impact on a child's future success and vice versa (Whitehouse 37). Poor quality Preschool education has not been keenly described as the course of many drop-out, but high-quality education has substantially caused a favorable stretch on the economy of a state. However, lower quality education has a lower probability of improving a child's cognitive, social and emotional behaviors. Early preschool education has a similar effect on a child's subsequent performance; therefore, it is vital that as parents and the government conduct a cost-benefit analysis, the cognitive development of children should be paramount. For this issue to be addressed, there is the need for the media to teach parents on the importance of child development than saving on money and the government to be given enough pressure to provide for high-quality education.

The media has failed to address the fact that universal preschool education has helped in improving economic integration and education of stigma. People and the media have since concentrated on the benefits that relate to cost and addressing the dropout levels, but there is little that is said about the fact that there is a rise in program visibility and improved lives of the low and middle-income lives. Little is explained on how a four-year-old attending school improves the country's economy. The reason for lack of such information for the public being that most of the programs are often under critics since politicians develop them during the campaign. Therefore, people are in a hurry to see the outcomes of the implementation so that they can decide if the candidate is fit to be taken back to the ballot. The good news that is never reported is that although the preschool education was initiated in America by President Obama, the results of this are significantly seen through the increase in the economy years later (Whitehouse 32). However, universal preschool education has to be substantially funded to provide for quality early education as aforementioned to help boost the future economy. Alternatively, the state government has to improve the working conditions of teachers to eliminate the misconception that exists about low-quality education that came with universal preschool education.

Universal preschool is a program that has been adopted by many countries, but there are some of the aspects that are never said on the media. The focus on the media has not been on the self-interest as a result of parents choosing to take their children to benefit from public education. There is not enough information on why there exists inequality in offering this kind of service that should help all children aged four years. Additionally, the type of education that is provided in these schools is said as to be of benefit, but there it is not in the open that the education is low quality. Also, Universal preschool is not so much discussed in the aspect of essentiality of development of cognitive of the children. Th...

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