Social Media and Cameron's Coffee

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Date:  2021-03-03

Cameron's coffee has of late proven to be the best coffee provider in the market. The current marketing strategy has though shown that the use of modern technology in business could really improve the profits of any business (Petersen, n.d.). The technology involves the use of social media, big data and cloud computing. The social media is a platform where various people meet and share ideas. It would not be simple though for a business to market its products and services to its followers alone (North Social, 2009). Therefore, for Camerons Coffee to be successful through the social media, the following steps would be helpful (Petersen, n.d.). The company should embrace analytics and data about it. The analysis should include not only the followers of the company's account but also other social media users who mention the company and its services. The users of social media with many followers would also be considered.

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While using the social media, Cameron's Coffee should target only loyal followers rather than millions of followers who might not be customers (Petersen, n.d.). In addition, the company should target the local consumers through the social media. Focus should be on the local consumers who may be visiting the site regularly. The company should also offer some awards for the loyal customers through the social media. When using the social media, it would be recommended that the company plan what to post on daily basis rather than struggling in the morning for a post. When planning, days like Valentine's Day and Christmas days should be taken advantage of (Petersen, n.d.). It is recommended that the tools that already exist at the company or those that had been used by other companies on the social media would be used. Using these tools would help in avoiding confusion within the social media.

The company should also be interactive in the social media. This can be achieved through posting polls or questions that would engage the followers. Alternatively, the company may decide to run a competition or a question and answer on its wall also to engage the followers. The moment the company's site has achieved adequate followers, marketing of the coffee should begin. This can be achieved by dropping offers both online and offline. A quick response to the reaction of the followers in the social media would be very appropriate to the growth of the coffee firm. Finally, while using the social media, personalization is another helpful tactic towards success.

Big Data is another platform where business could be developed. Cameron's coffee should also engage in big data in order to generate more profits (Dumbill, 2012). Having a big data ensures that the customers will always be very conversant with the company and its services. Having the big data would ensure that Cameron's coffee customers are always informed from more than one source. Consequently, the big data would develop efficiency in the company's operations. The bid data keeps a company's operations efficient since the customers would check on it regularly (Dumbill, 2012). Cameron's coffee would improve its sales using big data. Embracing big data would translate Cameron's coffee into a data driven company. This means there would be new processes of business within the coffee plant. Using the big data would also ensure that Cameron's coffee would have no time to waste.

Updating the big data is a continuous process that would allow no wastage of time at the company. It is therefore, recommended that Cameron's coffee adapts the use of big data as it is very helpful to the company (Griffith, 2013, March 13). The use of cloud computing would also be necessary to Cameron's coffee. The clouds would control costs at Cameron's coffee. Cloud computing also pursues transformations in business; this transformation helps in connecting the business to the customers within the digital economy (Lynn, 2012, December 11). Cloud computing would also help Cameron's coffee engage its employees to promote job satisfaction and productivity (Griffith, 2013, March 13).

The following are some of the recommendations that the company should consider regarding the use of social media, big data and cloud computing.

Social Media

Social media can be defined as simply a social instrument of communication (North Social, 2009). It involves both electronic means such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp among others. It also involves non-electronic mediums like magazines and newspapers among others. Businesses use social media to market their products and services.

The following are the two recommendations that Cameron's coffee should consider using through social media to develop its services to their customers (North Social, 2009). It is recommended that Cameron's coffee company should target regular customers on the social media rather that the number of followers on the social media. Secondly, it is recommended that the company should hire social media marketing experts to analyze proper ways through which the social media could be used to generate profits for the company.

The first recommendation, targeting regular customers rather than the number of followers, would ensure that the company would engage the coffee buyers and not any other social media user who has no buying intentions. When this is done, the sales of the company would automatically be raised. The buyers would be awarded for their loyalty and as a result, they would not only buy more coffee but also invite other buyers (North Social, 2009). The second recommendation, hiring social media marketing experts to advice the company on the use of the social media, would help the Coffee Company reduce its costs. Hiring the experts would mean that the company's target on the use of social media would be specifically profit. In return, Cameron's coffee would enjoy profits while minimizing its cost (North Social, 2009).

Big Data

Big data can be defined as data that is more than the processing capacity of a company's data base system (Dumbill, January 11, 2012). Big data can help a company by availing all its information to the customers. Big data allows data availability to all people concerned.

It is as a result, recommended that Cameron's coffee company should use big cloud to allow the customers be conversant with the standards of its products (Dumbill, January 11, 2012). It would also be recommended that the big data should be used to develop efficiency within the company's operations.

When the customers are informed about the company's products, chances are that more coffee would be sold hence profit to the company (Dumbill, January 11, 2012). Efficiency within the company's operations means timely production which translates into more company profits.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of accumulated information over the internet (Griffith, 2013, March 13). It can be used by businesses to generate various profits via marketing there (Lynn, 2012, December 11).

It is recommended that Camerons coffee use cloud computing to pursue transformations in business; this transformation helps in connecting the business to the customers within the digital economy (Griffith, 2013, March 13). Cloud computing is also recommended at the company to engage the employees to promote job satisfaction and productivity of the company.

The transformation within the business connects it to other customers within the digital economy, hence, more profits for the company (Griffith, 2013, March 13). The other recommendation, promoting job satisfaction and the company's productivity results into more produce that translates into more profits to the company and its employees (Lynn, 2012, December 11).

The business environment changes every day with regard to the ever-developing technologies in business. Most organizations have therefore, developed certain technological flexibilities within their operations to tackle the changes. Technology has realistic impacts on business; most businesses in the word today depend on technology for almost everything. Every aspect of business today depends on technology. In conclusion, technology has improved efficiency within the business and as a result, businesses enjoy more profits when compared to operations without technology.


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