Should Kids Have a Smartphone? Essay Example

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Date:  2022-07-07

The issue of kids having smartphones in the American culture has been a topic in the recent times due to prone to different questions raised by both the family and the society as a whole. It has thus brought a lot of discussion topics that bring out the arguments on whether smartphones are of advantage or impact to the kids. There are many views that people have come in with day in day out on this possession of smartphones by kids in the different families. Notably, most people appreciate technology for the advancements it has made all through in trying to make life to be more comfortable for the human beings. Most people in the United States of America have technologically advanced to a certain level of impacting and trying to experiment on the possession of smartphones by the kids.

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On the recent research done by the American government agency on this topic of acquiring smartphones by the children, most people had their views supporting this topic as compared to the opposer's side. For me, I remain on the opposer's side though there are more competitive arguments on the possession of a smartphone by a kid. However, technology is the best alternative to go on, but it is good to be logic and fair to the younger generation for the importance of the tomorrow's perspective (Reinke, Tony, p.7).

Therefore, for this reason, there are a lot of arguments for not having a smartphone for kids, and they compose of risky nature of smartphones to children, they are of less importance, increases the chances of depression, and wrong use of phones through the posting of unethical videos in the Social Media. The other reasons include; the phones unhealthy aspect to the eyes, it causes the children to be primary targets in the crime of cyberbullying, and the phones are highly expensive thus tends to bring in theft crimes by the children in the families. The tendency of not doing homework by the kids due to the waste of time on the social media websites and also playing games remains another biggest threat to the young generation. The problem of wasting time by the use of phones by the children also continues to be another lousy aspect in the children education (Reinke, Tony, p.18). On the issue of the risky nature of smartphones to children is delineated on the point of such gadgets getting explored on the children hands thus bringing the health of the kid to a worsening situation. The blowing of smartphones on the children is an unfortunate situation since the children lives are threatened to some of the threats. It is thus advisable to all parents to not allow their children to acquire smartphones for the world to be a right place for the next generations to come.

Smartphones are treated as being of less value to the kids thus it can be done without at all expenses of life. They are too pricey from the perspective of having to have one after the other due to the advancement in the technology. The need for newer phones by the kid at each time brings in the responsibility to be created to a higher level which should not be at all costs. The age of the kids to have themselves to enjoying of music and texting friends in the social media is a dangerous behaviour since they still have poor planning and their reasoning capacity is still low to some extent (Riley, Naomi S,p.24). On the third point of increase in the depression levels of the children, the aspect of feeling the possession of a smartphone has a lot of responsibility of the credit cards and purchase of the bundles for browsing purposes. All these reasons lead to a state of anxiety, anorexia, and more mental health problems. The subject of the child to such stress and depression is not fair for the parents to have their kids possess the phones. The smartphones at this level also get the children to addiction since a phone is like a bet. At this point of argument on the depression and anxiety, all parents and guardians should get to be more convinced to refuse on the addiction of phones to their kids for them to have a brighter future of their children.

On the fourth point of lousy use of smartphones by kids, the issue lies on the side when children start posting some of the photos and videos in the social media. The children should not be lured by the aspect of social media since it has dirty information that destroys the child's mind in the long run thus probing the child to more risk. These practices of social media bring in the unethical and immoral aspects of the society. Therefore, the probability of cultivating a good generation for tomorrow remains to be a big issue. The other point that speculates on the unhealthy destructions of eyes by use of smartphones, it continues to be among the main reasons for fighting against the use of smartphones by the kids. The overusing of smartphones by the kids brings in the damage of eyes, and this has been proven by most technicians in the fact that most children spend a lot of time on phones. The research shows that the long-term use of smartphones by the kids may lead to eyes getting damaged. The expenses that phones bring unto the parents on the treatment of eyes and the fix on the eyeglasses is very strenuous thus treated as being uneconomical. All parents should get cautioned on the overuse of smartphones by kids to avoid the children from getting destructions of life that could have been prevented by not permitting children to handle smartphones (Clement, Joe, et al., p.33).

The cyberbullying as a crime in the internet security remains to be an issue since the children continue to be used as culprits. The kids have low reasoning and control of social media, and thus they tend to post all kinds of 'dirt' that make them be bullied by the other adults in the social media. There are students in the country that are in the 6th grader and have phones that do not have the social media since their accounts remain to be private and their moms pay regular check to their phones to have a surety that the phones do not have inappropriate posts. In this scenario, the kid under the age of twelve, therefore, remains to be prohibited from having a smartphone to avoid the problem of cyberbullying. Thus, all parents should be convinced to prevent the provision of phones to their children to create in a free society out of a significant threat to cyberbullying of kids.

The expensive nature of phones as one of the reasons for the children not having to possess phones is a popular kind of an issue that most kids like doing. Most children need smartphones that are costly and high tech in nature, and yet the main reason for possessing a smartphone remains to be primarily for communication purposes. Most parents own flip telephones with most siblings of mine in high school, then for that reason is there any need for children to possess a smartphone at their younger age. On the other hand, we should ask ourselves and reason out on those days that phones had not been invented if the children did not live? For sure the kids lived very well and studied hard thus today most parents are very industrious to the economy. The problem of possessing a smartphone by children is on the waste of much time examining the other tech. The ball remains on the parent's side to decide the tomorrow of their kids (Clement, Joe, et al., p.47). The education performance for lower levels and kindergarten kids is wanting at this age due to the reason behind the poor handling of homework. The weak administration of homework has been brought out by use of smartphones by children to the extent of not doing the homework well, and even if they do the work, they find themselves still not doing to their best due to the limited time they have. The kids put more time and concentration on their smartphones, and this is what leads to poor grades and non-performing aspects of kids in kindergarten and lower levels schools.


The last point is on time wastage by the kids. The kids have less time for doing other works and their homework thus most of them are becoming failures. Most kids have been less active in classwork thus creating a threat of breach in the next generation of the state as a whole. All these bring in the issues of unhealthy and eye-killing problems of the smartphones to our younger generations. Conclusively, all parents have the mandate to fight against possession of smartphones by kids for the future generation to get more of ethical, moral, and industrious people of the next age to come.

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