Semester Reflection Essay

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Date:  2022-05-21


Semesters form the primary component of courses in schools. n the absence of semesters, it would be challenging for the courses to be completed. The reason is that semesters enable professors to categorically arrange units in a comprehensible manner that ensures completion of the course within a specific given period. However, completion of courses is not the primary or only goal as to why semesters were created. Each semester in every course or institution has a specific topic or unit it is going to be tackling.

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At the beginning of our semester, it was clear that the main purpose of this semester in relation to the English subject was to get to be knowledgeable about academic and research writing. The main goal of the purpose of goal setting is that at some given point the goal ends up being accomplished. In order to know whether the purpose was achieved it is necessary to conduct a review of the entire semester. With this in mind, it is correct to state that the objective of this paper will be conducting a detailed review of entire English semester. Regardless of the strictness in the semester requirement for the course, I think that the semester has been very engaging and impactful.

At the beginning of the class, one of the lessons revolved around the concept of self. By the topic self, it was easier for everyone to have some personal time with their self and get to know who they really are and their experiences since they were born. In so doing, the lesson became engaging. The reason is that it was not only focused on the professor's side but on the student's side because self is something to do with the individuality aspect which is fully engaging. The situation and experience would have failed to be engaging if all these students would not have been involved in the study and the focus would be on the professor and some few students. Another prove of the engaging factor of the semester of the semester was in the assignments which related with one's life experience. Student hence enjoyed doing the assignments because it did not seem as a burden as the assignment was self-oriented. In relation to the research part, the whole experience was engaging because it enabled the student to explore the works of other people and relate it to their personal experiences. With the level of engagement throughout the semester, it would be easy for the students to excel in the course.

In the introduction section, it was mentioned that the semester was also impactful. Something that is impactful is something that has some level of significance or importance in your life or career or even studies. In relation to the semester, the semester was impactful because it promotes the expansion of knowledge expansion. Knowledge expansion is the increment in knowledge. It is almost impossible to conduct research and academic writing without one ending up expounding their knowledge on specific issues. In the semesters, a lot revolved around research and in the course of researching, students were able to make new discoveries. it is these new discoveries that are called knowledge expansion because one was not aware of their existence until they did some research. In the self-study experienced in the semester impact was knowledge increment and self-appreciation and correction were also felt. The reason is that in as much as people think they know who they are the reality remains that people do not know who they are. The reason is that people do not take time to study themselves. However, through the semester, students were able to study themselves and make a good analysis of what they are reflected in the first assignments.

The last experience of the semester of the semester that makes it better described as impactful and engaging is the practical and critical aspect part involved throughout the semester. The practical aspects can be seen in the assignments. The reason is that through the assignments, the professor is able to know what the students understood and it enables the students to put the understanding into the paper. In so doing, one is impacted to be smart and original in order for the professor to gauge one's understanding.

Additionally, the semester influenced critical thinking the reason is that it was against the notion of plagiarizing a scholar's idea. Rather the students were required to read and understand the ideas of the scholars and come up with their individual understanding of the scholars work by paraphrasing and citing without necessarily having to make the concept personal. With this one had to apply the concept of critical thinking because it is challenging for one to make an understanding of a scholar without applying maximum sense in it because the authors are qualified scholars and their articles are peer reviewed. Creativity through the construction of thesis statements was another aspect that demanded a lot of concentration and critical thinking because the thesis should be simple but objective. As a result of this, it is correct to state that the semester was engaging.

In spite the positivity discussed in the paragraph above, there also exists some countable number of limitations of the semester. These limitations are seen in the strictness of the research and academic writing. One of the strictness natures is seen in the issue concerning plagiarism and grammar. Throughout the course, there was utmost insist on maintaining originality and proper writing skills. The point is not that the two concepts are bad. In fact, they are very good as they encourage creativity.

However, adjusting to the two was somewhat challenging maybe because it was the first time having to tackle the issues with such magnitude. Nevertheless, the whole process was good but there must be a first time for everything which is normally difficult or challenging for the first time. However, the experience eventually changes as time unravels. Influenced by this, a positive attitude should be encouraged by the professors to the students at the start of the semester in order for the students to not give up or feel the whole semester as difficult.


During the beginning of the paper, it was clear that the semester has had a few its demerits as well as merits. Based on the above analysis it is evident that the merits outshine the demerits by far much. The reason is that the merits are more and the demerits exist only because of the lack of previous exposure to issue or the fact that it was the first time learning such things. Therefore, it is correct to make a conclusion that the semester was excellent if not brilliant. The main reason championing this could be because of the engaging part. Minimal or zero students felt left out during the semester. Therefore professors should learn and adopt the engaging aspect in all the semester. In so doing better grades will be experienced by the majority if not all of the students. However, students should also learn to develop positive attitudes because in every semester they must experience new things that they will have to cope with lest they affect their final grades. Nevertheless, the semester was engaging and impactful from the beginning to the end.

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