School Libraries: Mitigating Social Injustices with Multicultural Literature - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-09


Most students in schools around the globe have experienced social injustices in various forms. The social injustices experienced by students range from discrimination, alienation and racism. Maher and Parker (2018) argued that challenges such social injustices experiences by students in various learning institutions can be best mitigated by incorporating multicultural literature in the school library fiction collections. The teacher librarian should ensures that they offer their learners with texts that are a representation of culturally diverse classroom as well as homes in the country as well as across the entire world (Maher & Parker, 2018). With the current global events, it has increasingly become significant for students not to be ethnocentric. Exposing students to various multicultural literature can greatly assist in breaking down cultural barriers hence making students to view each other with the needed concern.

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Exposing students to multicultural literature imparts some aspects of ethics in and hence assist them with their identity formation. The identity formation is very vital for children in their social development, as it offers them with some sense of acceptance and belonging in a society (Schachner et al., 2016). The incorporation of multicultural literature in the library collection ensures that various experiences, as well as beliefs of the minority students, are respected. The inner-city student, Danielle, underwent a lot of social injustices in his course of study. They were viewed as lesser beings and labeled as failures (Corwin, 2001). All these happened due to the fact that their teacher-librarian never considered imparting cultural ethics as well as exposing students to multicultural literature. However, through faith and determination, Danielle endured the sufferings he underwent and ultimately graduated.

From the challenges that the inner-city student, Danielle, underwent, it is worth noting that faith and determination plays a vital role in the success of an individual. Danielle was determined and has faith that despite the challenges he underwent in school as a result of his cultural background, he would one day accomplish his studies. It is therefore worth noting that regardless of one’s economic and socio-cultural challenges, faith is a propelling force that drives one through. Besides, ethics plays a vital role in recognizing and hence safeguarding one’s and other people’s culture. Students, therefore, needs to have a comprehensive understanding of various cultures in order to help in bridging the existing gap between students resulting from diverse cultural backgrounds. It is worth making students of the 21st century to be ethically sensitive since they are global participants. Smith (2016) further claimed that when students can ethically associate with global events, themes, and characterizations that are present in numerous cultural literatures, then they can easily understand the modern world issues; this, therefore, can help students treat each other with the due respect hence fostering harmony in learning institutions.

Conclusively, students from diverse cultural backgrounds face a lot of challenges especially if they happen to fall within the minority culture. It is, therefore, worth noting that teacher librarians should play the role of exposing students to cultural diversity in order to help them appreciate various aspects of numerous cultures. Having knowledge of multicultural diversity brings some sense of acceptance and belonging, establishing good connections between home and other environments as well as across various cultures. However it is worth noting that ethics in young adults play a pivotal role in ensuring harmony in various learning institutions. Furthermore, faith is a propelling force that keeps one determined at accomplishing their mission despite the challenges they undergo in their daily lives.


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