Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment for Students With Learning Challenges - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-07-05


Students do face challenges, especially some who have learning problems in school; hence do require an inclusive studying environment for their excellent performance. Each teacher is determined to give the learner the best instruction for the students, no matter their exceptional needs. It's prudent for relevant teachers to ensure that the students with learning problems do necessary access resources that will enable them to improve their performance (Barnes, 2018). Thus effective strategies must be implemented by individual education teachers to ensure that students are comfortable with learning as well as improving their academic performance.

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Having Clear Knowledge of the Students IEPs

It is very significant for any teacher to have a connection with the guardian of the students with unique learning problem upon receiving them in any institution. Some students do have Individualized Education Programs with individual teachers, and you should have clear information about the details. This provides information about the necessary services the students get as well as accommodation like seating. It enables the teachers to ensure that the student is comfortable with their peers (Wery & Thomson, 2013). For example, children with distraction problems need to sit away from windows and doors.

Use Essential Life Skills

It is essential to implement life skills, especially for disabled students who lack skills that are required for one to be productive in society. Simple tasks, like writing a simple letter, study skills, as well as arranging books, should be done to enable them to perform simple tasks that may be beneficial in society.

Employ Healthy Behavior Management Plan

Inclusive learning, especially for students with behavior problems, requires a teacher to have control of the class. Goals and expectations must be clearly defined and should cater to diverse students who have a particular need. Behavior management strategy should include posting schedules daily, having a private talk with students about their issues as well as enforcing positive reinforcement when a student meets a particular behavior.

Response to Intervention is essential as it enables teachers to identify learners who need intervention assessment to enhance their learning behavior (Grosche & Volpe, 2015). Best practices must be introduced; for instance, the provision of differentiated reading instructions for students by considering the assessment reading levels of each student.


Many institutions do admit students with learning problems, and teachers should implement effective strategies that enable the students to be comfortable in the learning institutions to promote one's performance. It entails employing behavior management plan, use of essential life skills as well as having clear information of the student individual learning programs. A student with behavior problems should be considered since; it's a need that must be recognized and tackled in any learning institution.



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