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Date:  2022-07-07

The cultural group that I belong to is the School Jazz Group. Our musical group is a registered club in which the school administration facilitates our training by paying for a voice coach, allocates us with studio time and organises for our travels either to competitions or to represent the school at cultural festivals.

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In school, we are recognised and treated as a formal group. Our membership has a registration fee and monthly contributions. Group members meet every Saturday for training, but we also have a monthly meeting with our Patron each Wednesday evening of the first week of the month to address our challenges, identify opportunities and strengths and to make new monthly plans.

The experience that I would like to focus on is to develop our talent as a group and pursue our dream in Jazz popularisation in our community. Being part of the school jazz musical group gives us a sense of belonging among our peers in the larger musical society in our institution (Music Schools in Canada | Best Music Colleges & Universities, 2018). There is a feeling of prestige and admiration belonging to an exclusive musical group that is anchored on a unique talent (Kearns & Jorgensen, 2011). There is guaranteed safety from the surging peer influence among the youth since we utilise our time constructively by engaging in an activity that reinforces self-control and boosts individual talent development.

Jazz music is not popular with other cultures; in fact, some students in our institution do not understand what it is all about most of the students that were initially new to the whole idea of Jazz music first learnt about it from our performances and training (CBC Radio, 2016). We are trying our best to popularise the musical style of Jazz, and we are making progress since we have recruited students from other diverse cultures who are today active members of our band. A documentary on the evolution of Jazz music in Canada done by CBC Radio found out that the immigrants and the aboriginals know very little about Jazz, and the few do not identify with the musical style.

Our school is metropolitan, and the mixture of races means our chosen musical style is still unpopular. We care much about this issue because we need a bigger support base among fellow students to join us and to support our band. The questions or idea that I have formulated to guide my inquiry are "Are we doing our best to popularise and attract other people to Jazz music?" "How do we make our band a racially-inclusive club?"

Our club addresses the history and presence of the aboriginal Canadians by ensuring they are not excluded from the activities of the larger school society (Wang, 2013). The recognition of aboriginal Canadians and immigrants have been dotted with exclusion from mainstream activities, and we are on the right path to break all the barriers to integration through working in close association of the maligned population to feel like part of the broader school community.

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