Donald Trump's Presidential Announcement Speech

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Date:  2021-03-13

Donald Trump is an American businessman, a television personality as well as a politician. He is also an author. He recently announced his presidential bid on a Republican nomination ticket to be the next President of United States in the forthcoming election of 2016. Trump announced his presidential bid at the Trump Tower in New York City. This came against a backdrop of public outcry of his dirty business dealings and arrogance. His announcement at the Trump Towers was on June 16th, 2015 with the slogan "Make America Great Again! His campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was present during the launch. Trump's audience comprised of American citizens who attended his announcement speech. His announcement and subsequent campaigns have been portrayed as racist, xenophobic, vulgar, one that spread falsehood, inciting violence against his rivals among many other vices. His empty rhetoric has spurred disapprovals and condemnations among Americans and the world as a whole.

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The purpose of this speech by Trump was to work as an introductory point into American politics. It served its purpose as it turned out to be a controversial speech that created a public outcry and public accolade in equal measure. It has since been debated by several scholars as well as analysts who feel the speech was worth it as well as those who believe the speech should have not been made. To many people, the speech was meant to inform the American people of his intentions of making America great again. Some believed it was to persuade and lure voters to join his team. In my opinion, his speech is an avenue to brag about his affluence. He has made a lot of wealth and has a lot of assets that gives him good profits. His sentiments by declaring his wealth publicly and then rushing quickly to defend it is an indication of his bragging habit. His announcement speech is a hoax in my opinion.

Firstly, Trump sounds very arrogant in addressing the audience. He lacks the art of courtesy. In his speech, he begins by screaming at the people wow whoa.' This is a clear indication of lack of respect for the American citizens. He never starts with a form of greeting. A greeting is a signal of alerting the audience of his presence and inviting their attention. It may be informal or formal but can be simple with respect. Additionally, he describes the candidates who went into sweat as dogs. His sentimentalities are unwelcome. Describing individuals as dogs are not only disrespect for their personality but also a disgrace to the people of America. These were leaders he called that name, and leaders are the citizens; representative. So it implies that he abused and insulted the people of America at large.

Secondly, his speech is not an effective one due to the fact that he sounds like uneducated grown-up with no educational background. This can be the judge from his inferior dialect. His choice of words is poor, and most scholars have come out strongly to point that he speaks like a 6th grader. His broken speech has fragmented sentences coupled with limited vocabulary and sarcastic words that in most cases appear to be insulting. What is surprising is that instead of ruining his reputation totally as a politician, it has given him much publicity across the globe. In reality, he will not win American elections since it is only other countries that praise him.

On another note, the speech may be described to be effective as it presents an informal setup which creates a sense of easiness and effective communication to the people. Some say it makes him look like someone you would have a beer with. It is mostly to the people who are not educated, though. His words to some extent can be described as easy to understand. Take, for instance, Make America Great Again can be comprehended easily. And the fact that he reiterates the same is a key element of creating emphasis. He gives hope to the people of America by speaking a word like when did we beat China and Japan in trade He claims to be beating them and it makes it looks simple to beat these countries that have monopolized some aspect of trade.

Additionally, the speech is not an effective speech as it acts to perpetuate racism and moral decay of the society. Trump describes Mexicans and Colombians as rapists and drug barons. It did not augur well with these countries since it caused a rift between them and America. Business personnel lost the trust they had in Trump. His contact with the middle-east has not been a smooth ride as depicted from the speech. His speech causes a spiritual war between the Christians and the Muslims. He claims that Islamic Terrorism is eating up large portions of the Middle East, and they have become richer. This is meant to cause a rift between the Muslims in America and the Christians and other denominations.

Moreover, Trump sounds incoherent in many cases; he is not a good storyteller for that matter. Stories are good for the elaboration of points to the electorates. Trump is not a good story teller. In his speech, he introduces his points in manners that dont relate to his audience. Stories within speech are meant to put a personal touch on complex policy formulation procedures and answers. In most cases, when the audience doesn't remember the concept of the policy as such they always get to remember the narration to relate. Take, for instance; he says Border Patrols; I was at the border last week. He never orients the audience in this case. He never sets any scene for such kind of new stories in the speech. He even confuses tenses making it more complicated. He says the people I deal with. In this case, he was talking about something that had happened yet he shifts to present. He mentions not conversations for this kind of story he even culminates by saying, and that is what is going on whether you like it or not. There is a disjointed statement in his speech, and it serves to confuse the audience and America at large.

Trump's speech is not a visionary depiction of his intention. He describes talks of America being in need of someone who can take America and make it a great brand. This is not a holistic way of delving into American issues. America has more issues than what Trump thinks. America is not just a brand as he always describes his businesses. America is a superpower nation. He even explains that a successful person cannot run for public office. He contradicts himself by saying this is the mentality that one needs to make America great.

Trump is not sensitive on American income in his speech. In his statement we can judge that Trump presidency would cause pressure on America and crashing economy is likely to be witnessed. The economy would be thrown into a regression from his statement. Trump guarantees to tax trade with foreign nations like Mexico and China, even associates like Canada and Japan. Extreme exchange rate talk sounds great, yet a big tax on China won't hurt Chinese producers as much as it damages American clients, particularly working-group families. Obviously, the bad faith in this is a Trump tax will hurt numerous, a large number of Trump attire brands like Trump ties produced in China and Trump's shirts made in Bangladesh.

Free trade is great. The world has developed rich together on facilitated free commerce since the year 1945. However, Trump guarantees to demolish that, and I trust him on him. At the point when Trump says he will raise taxes by a percentage of 45, the impact will be higher costs. Higher costs will constrain what you can manage. Fewer autos, fewer garments, less everything, regardless of the fact that your paycheck is steady.

Another threat is that American paychecks will be unstable. A keen analysis of his speech would tell you that Trump if made president, would put pressure on your paycheck. A large group of Trump arrangements will bring about the interest for work to fall, which means fewer employments and a moderate decrease in pay in general. I feel sorry for the young fellows and ladies who would be moving on from secondary school and school and entering the empty employment market probably in 2017, 2018, and 2019 in Trump's government.

The primary reason paychecks will decrease is that Trump has guaranteed " the government will pay" for everybody's human services. Free health care implies shadow charges on payrolls and cutoff points on how frequently individuals can see their health care providers. It's called rationing in different nations.

He threatens to violate and forget the property rights. The property rights will be compromised under a Trump administration since he is promising in his speech to undermining and mishandle the administration's power to take private property. The Constitution calls this the privilege of "eminent domain," and it was intended for to a great degree constrained, public use. In late decades, well off private engineers like Trump have persuaded neighborhood governments to mishandle eminent domains for private initiatives.

My opinion is that the world economy is ready for a retreat, and the president who will come in will either utilize that emergency to reinforce free-market standards or respond irately with big government power grabs. I would not preclude Trump attempting to nationalize entire commercial ventures and build up national value controlsthat is the way he considers. However, he commits the childish error of equating the government with the nation.


In conclusion, from His speech I have learned that people can easily be swayed away by simply empty rhetoric in the name of politics. It is quite evident that Trump has gained public trust even though many hate him as well. I have not learned much from his speech as it only serves to perpetuate falsehood and propaganda. It focuses on hatred and spurs public tension. His choice of words causes harm more than good to the people of America who need unity and development. America needs brilliant leaders who can articulate policies and be ready to effect change. America needs leaders who are driven by selfish interest and greed with the agenda to protect their properties and bring the country down to deep regression. The people of America deserve a better leader and a cheerleader who is ready to spur economic growth and safeguard the interests of the people of America. That way America will be great again.

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