Education Essay Example: School-Based Discipline Plan

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Date:  2021-09-02

The success of students in any given school or institution is very much determined by the discipline or behavior controls in the institution. This factor has led to most institutions adopting the school-wide discipline program which is also referred as the behavior plan. This program is meant to control the behavior of students enrolled in a given institution. This plan clearly defines how students in any given institution are supposed to behave by dictating how they are expected to behave in different circumstances. A school-wide discipline program is adopted so as to improve the student's behavior choice and also to create an environment that is positive safe and orderly for effective academic excellence. The main goal of adopting a behavior plan is to promote positive behavior and discourage and reduce negative behaviors.

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This particular school-based program that is employed in my institution has been made accessible to all the shareholders. The concerned parties, in this case, are mostly students and parents as they are not present during the initiation process. The student accesses this program by the use of their class teachers. The other party on the hand gain access to a school-wide discipline plan by the use of newsletters formulated by the administration. The two parties are further involved in the implementation process as the school offers awards to the most behaved student and also their parents or guardians.

The school de discipline plan is very clear on how students in a given institution are expected to behave. The behavior plan is comprehensive and very clear when it comes to dictating how students are expected to behave in different circumstances. The expectations are very clear and there are consequences in case of failure to adherence. The consequences are very clear as they outline the expected punishment which could amount to suspension. The behavior plan is formulated with much consideration on issues like how effective are the rules to childhood development. The adopted plan is very apspropriate as it allows children to make informed decisions which intern develop their decision-making skills.

The school-wide discipline plan is based on equity. This plan is established in such a way that it is applicable to all students in our institution and none is discriminated or favored by this program. The plan is established in such a way that it neither favors students from high economic status nor discriminate students from different races. The good thing about this plan is that it is flexible and thus can accommodate changes that arise during implementation. The flexibility of this particular plan is also meant to add to it anything that was left out during the formulation process.

This is a school-wide model as it is applicable to all students enrolled in the school. This behavior plan is established in such a way that any adult in the building is supposed to monitor the behavior of the students and also praise or redirect a certain behavior in case a need arises. My philosophy on the model used is that well-dictated expectations and a positive education climate around the institution will support both the academic and behavioral excellence of the students. This plan is also interconnected with classroom management. The best practices that I have observed in classroom management are that most class teachers are very strict when it comes to helping students in adhering to the various schools rules.

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