Role of Education in the 4th Industrial Revolution and Developing Nations

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Date:  2022-05-17

The fourth industrial revolution is a creatively crafted concept that focuses on acknowledging the transformation towards the "internet of things." Apparently, the process that defines the fourth industrial revolution is innovative based, opportunistic, as well as futuristic. In today's world, where the evolution is taking place so fast, the role of education in the industrial revolution cannot be ignored. This paper will expound on the role skills revolution and knowledge production required for the 4th industrial revolution, for the developing countries to be competitive.

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Basically, diverse economic systems across the globe differ as a result of the certain customs, rules, and institutions that define them. In America, the context of sustainability and economic stability were the key primary factors that distinguished the nation's economic system from the rest of the world. Private property rights represent the liberty and privilege of any citizen to utilize his or her property in any manner he or she chooses, provided that the actions do not result in fraud or oppression of the other neighboring party. From an American perspective, the system of private property rights is crafted with the sole intention of securing the liberty of its citizens, especially given that the nation is defined by a capitalistic market niche.

Additionally, the Twenty-First Century has been defined by an overwhelming influence of globalization. As an event, globalization has interconnected and opened up numerous platforms including education in South Africa. The expansion of education has provided numerous opportunities to higher learning institutions through strategies such as the integration of new structures. The approach has also nurtured the emergence of overwhelming control systems. The business entity was primarily established to promote the economic development and social well-being of the member states, as well as networking the non-member states. The fourth generation of the industrial revolution had a high affinity for the reliance on computers, an aspect that pre-defined. Thus, by focusing on disciplines of education, technology, as well as housing and development, the firm has been able to generate growth scenarios.

Globalization as a continuous process and the resultant harmonization of systems has changed the manner in which education is delivered in most parts of South Africa. Over the years, more developing countries have made efforts and commitment to become part of the networked global society. It is a result of these networked communities such as the organization for economic co-operation and development (OECD) that education platforms have opened up to provide opportunities for students from different backgrounds. It is interesting to note that the opening up of education has imposed a new approach to governing education both at the regional level as well as global scale.


Education was one of the fourth industrial revolution's policies that were implemented by the institution, with the aim of establishing educational growth blocks. The fourth industrial revolution has had considerable influence in educational matters, an aspect that has been depicted in the organization's publication and commissioned studies. Concrete education structures were established back in the late 1990's. However, the platform's goals have kept on shifting a result of fourth industrial revolution's approach, to broaden the policy's scope of assessment. Therefore, it is prudent to note that education is a sector that is crucial to a nation's success, an aspect that the learning sector has tapped into, by nurturing accountability and innovation as the major educational organization mantra.

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