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FOCUS2 is paced, online career planning edition tools to be used by the students who are in colleges. It will allow you to self assess the career to make it reliable to access the personal qualities which are relevant and the personal qualities and have the exploration career fields and the and the majority study that he areas of education about their achievement on the assessment. Those students, however, who use FOCUS, make their decision in a precise and better way about their goals and the plans and how to be able to know the self-management in their careers.

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In choosing the primary area of study, FOCUS 2, which is the reliable system, allows you to have a decision of the occupation, which is vest in your characteristics and the requirements of the education and the essential elements for the occupation. You will have to review the occupation, which mostly appeals to you as a high career potential, which pays specific attention to the education degrees, courses certification, and career goal (Harrington 27). These certifications and requirements need to prepare you so that you can know about the career and your career goals.

For the choosing of your major study areas, it required that you should have to follow and complete the following steps as it is enlisted in the FOCUS 2 menu. Also, you must have to have the verification of choice in your career. It is, therefore very essential to validate your decision early on the career gal and the program, which will help you never to overlook the option of the career, which is vital to your characteristics. In this, you can have a lot of potential people ad undoubtedly have the interests and the talents, including the personality and the qualified skills for you to qualify the occupation range, which is very wide. You have to contemplate with FOCUS 2 to be sure of the assessment in the main menu for you to have the discoveries of the career and the occupation, which is equal to your assessment profile. After you have had a broad career horizon, you can now narrow the option by having it compared with the critical characteristics of the occupation, which appeals to you. This procedure and process will have you assured that you made the actual correct choices.

In self-assignment, the one very essential point for career exploration is the personal assignment. Your career decision will affect the lifestyle, the sense of satisfaction, and happiness. The career is vital for it makes the choices that are based on who you are and the interest and the skills, values, and personality. Having a vast knowledge of your skills will help you to identify the specific organization where the strengths might be essential to be a good match for the need of the employer (Edmonton 30). The feeling of using their skills is, however, fundamental. If there is a particular work that you enjoy doing using specific skills, then use the opportunity in them and further develop these skills over time. On the other hand, burnout skills can be achieved when you excel at the ability but you do not enjoy using the power at any given time.

Basing on your value, every time you decide on doing a particular task over the other, then you are making a value decision. However, there are times when there are two tasks that are of importance, and therefore there will be difficulty in making the correct decision on the value of the task to be done in this context; a family can conflict with the career value and the friendship value. You can come up with a concrete decision when you have a choice of the more valuable task, which is considered to be of more priority. Most people find it that it is satisfying to work on the work, which is meaningful and that they are compatible with the values. Your personality, on the other hand, can be shaped by factors such as the culture, family, experiences, or even the environment (Harrington 34). Also though your character might originate from different platforms, it is an essential part of the identification, which can bring an impact on how to satisfy you when you are working on specific tasks. It is, therefore, better to have a better understanding of your personality and how they correlate and functional and how you function in the world.

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Harrington, Brad, and Douglas T. Hall. Career Management & Work-Life Integration: Using Self-Assessment to Navigate Contemporary Careers. , 2007. Internet resource.

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