Research Paper on Effects of University Integration

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The study was designed to investigate The experiences of university integration of the undergraduate students can have a significant impact on the academic performance and the introduction, the background of university integration is brought out perfectly well and highlighting what the study is investigating, the importance of the research and what the previous study has revealed. The methodology talks about the importance of the methodology, tools used for collecting data and the validity and reliability of the study and also the ethics considered during the study process. The study literature review provides the importance of effects of university integration and why it is necessary, why the integration is important, its advantages and the findings, the analysis of data is well stipulated and key themes of the data is analyzed. Finally, a conclusion is made and reflecting on the study. After the effective analysis of the data collected and the finding constructively discussed, the data was then presented to the relevant bodies in the education sector and the information stored in the library and the national archives.

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Academic performance of the undergraduate students is affected by many factors including university integration of the students, admission points, social, economic status and university background (Tranfield and Smart 2003, pp271). The classroom culture also gives the student the reason to attend the integrated courses this because the students have a choice in what they learn and they utilize the collaborative and cooperative learning process. The curriculum advancement is another essential benefit of integrated subjects, as it requires the application of technology in the classroom to enable individual learning and compacts the curriculum. Teaching multiple subjects also help in time-saving and the resources used during the full training of an expert.

Research Questions

The research questions focused on the university integration of students and how this impacts on their academic achievement and performance. The questions are related to university integration of students and changes and how it affects the academic performances and achievements of the student and how this can have an overall influence on the university rating. The research questions examine the relationships between the students, lecturers, and University Management Board.

  • What is the relationship between university integration of undergraduate students and the academic performance of undergraduate students?
  • How can the university integration of undergraduate students be efficiently carried out to enhance better performance?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the university integration of the undergraduate students?

Purpose of the Study

The aim is to investigate the varying experiences of university integration of undergraduate students. To examine integration, we applied three themes: financial strain, alcohol consumption, and social media with the hope to explore whether this impacts upon our peers' academic performance. Both and empirically validated quantitative measure of university integration and themes got from the qualitative interviews was explored. Some of the particular goals of this research were to evaluate and compare the performance changes experienced when either there is an integration of undergraduate students.

Statement of the problem

Academic performance mainly is measured by the examination results, this is one of the main goals of any institution of learning. Universities are formulated with the aim of instilling knowledge and skills to the students and enhancing good academic performance. However, the academic deans have identified the university integration of the undergraduate students have impacted on the academic achievement of most undergraduate students with some students performing highly and others perform poorly. And the university is concerned about the academic performance to keep in check the reputation of the institution. There is inadequate research on the factors affecting the academic performance of undergraduate students; there, this particular research has focused on how the university integration on undergraduate students affects their academic performance.


The study was conducted at University in the US and applying the correlation design and a sample of second-year students who were chosen from all the faculties at the university.

The content scope entailed elements such as university integration of the undergraduate, moving off campus, applying for placements, their workload and other factors that may influence their experience of integration and in turn affect their academic performance and achievement of undergraduate students. The study covered the period of academic 3 months.

Literature Review

Many universities have adopted the integration at the undergraduate level. The schools have integrated the arts humanities and science, mathematics, technology, and medicine. The word combine is just to join different courses as one which is more compressive and organized in a synthesized manner to help capture the economic need and value of the society (Liu 1993, pp.104-161). The world dynamic global economy is mostly centered on the development of manpower and exchange of knowledge and information amongst the experts who are extraordinary fluent in more than one disciplines and always are readily moving from one subject to another sharing skills with other people. The ability to be creative, the adaptability, and critical reasoning are highly valued in the economy (Ning and zhang 2011, pp.11).

Dahle et al.(2009,pp.132)When it comes to equipping students with those skills, then integration programs are the best and practical approach as it helps students develop multiple skills and understanding the importance of interrelationship to the real world. The integrated programs mostly call for the interdisciplinary studies which help to bring together different disciplines in less than one compressive study which helps the students to understand the meaning of the complex associations and their influences within a given topic (Wilson 2010, pp.280). It generates a better by-product of the approach, and it makes school more interesting and enjoyable to the students and teachers under the program.

With the main goal of making higher education, and undergraduate to be more helpful and productive to the industries (Elliot and Harackiewicz 1994, pp.198). The heads of the universities sorted to combine courses together, and many universities have started offering to students dual degrees. Courses of human resource and business management have been combined with engineering programs. The students who study physics, chemistry, mathematics, and humanities have always specialized in a combination of subjects (Hausberg et al.2012, pp.12). Most integrated university programs must have a curriculum that includes content. The content must have been designed with two or more disciplines and are moderated by specific guidelines. When the integration is done, and the students succefully completed the course, then the university awards both qualifications to the students. The integration of management education with engineering and pharmacy offer larger opportunities to the student to the field market.

Collin (2000,pp.127-141) states that the universities have put much attention in scaling up programs which they offer, this by adding the modern edge to them and keep them relevant. It is advisable that the integrated study programme should comprise of a curriculum which is approved by different education institutions which sometimes can be from different countries. The students who choose the integrated programs should take the defined period in a given discipline and the institution until it is satisfied by the board. The students always acquire different skills and talents in different causes, which help to modify them with enough working and leadership skills. The combination of different courses and programs always open the minds of the students this exposing them with the need to learn many things in life. The reasons why universities have opted to the integrated course is to get the solution of the problems in the complex world today - most of the trends towards the global and the random increase in the pace and complexity which acquires the expansion of knowledge.

The need to solve global and the population problems which increase daily has pilled concerns on the classroom relevancy and the need to connect education to the real world issues. It always facilitates the student's engagement through participating in practical lessons and active learning of the integrated courses; it equips the students with the full capacity to address the global challenges. The complexity of learning the integrated subjects usually enlarge the brain capacity of the students and increase their thinking capability (Ericsson 2014, p.81). The brain is designed to develop more and learn from complex issues when students learn many subjects and become experts in different fields than their level of thinking and reasoning ability increase(Pekrun and Linnenbrink 2012,pp.259-271). The study shows that the law students who have taken time to learn many subjects like mathematics and engineering have always been graded as the best lawyers and judges with good and perfect reasoning ability. The act of integrating the law studies with other subjects started a long time ago, and that's the reason to why most lawyers referred to each other as learned friends during the practices.

Accordin to Perkun (2009, pp.115), he suggests that integration of subjects tend to be much expensive, and students who cannot afford to pay may be forced to drop out of school or to differ studies before completing. When considering the time factor we find that the students under the integration programmes take much time in school, this because they are required to learn and attend the classes for all units in different subjects under study. The integration of subjects in the universities requires several factors for organizing what should be combined to come up with better content (Heikkila and Lonka 2006, pp.117). The people who design studies need to put into consideration the outcomes, the objectives, the diversity within the subjects and the lessons content themselves and what they promote to the society and the economy. Topics should be selected to develop a critical understanding and the activities which are designed to. The students who have gone through integrated studies have an increasing understanding and also have the ability to apply different general concepts in solving economic problems.

Elliot (2005, pp.121), there is increase motivation among the students and teachers this because many concepts which are applied are very interesting and students have hopes of the diverse field of job applications. The increase in the overall comprehension of global interdependencies and also the development of some perspective and values have been another crucial important of the integrated studies in our universities(Moeller et al.2012,pp.153-169) The companies and other employers have always preferred the students who have gone under the programmes because of their ability to make decisions and being able to think critically and creatively and synthesize the knowledge beyond disciplines to get the solutions to the technical problems of the company(Berg 2005,pp.1-18). The integrated studies have helped to promote the cooperative learning and also to develop a better attitude oneself as a learner and as a very important member of the society.


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