Research Paper Example on Organizational Structure: Key to Achieving Competitive Advantage

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Nowadays, many organizations usually work towards achieving their full potential while also maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketing environment. However, it all depends on the organization of the company, for instance: the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Company and Faena Hotel Miami Beach's structure from the top to down management. According to Molinaroli et al. (2019), the study of the organization of Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Company portrays that for any company to succeed in its business, it must have well-defined and clear goals. Besides, it must have its objectives well defined to drive the organization towards accomplishing the stated mission and its objectives (ABel, 2016). This research paper aims to provide a comparative analysis of two companies that is, the Miami Dade Water and Sewer and the Faena Hotel Miami Beach. The comparative analysis will focus on analyzing each companies' mission, vision, and objectives and the impact of each company on the community. Besides, there is data about the two companies on the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the suitable measures implemented.

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Research Questions

  1. What are the goals, mission, and vision of the Miami Dade Water and Sewer and the Faena Hotel Miami Beach Companies?
  2. What are some of the impacts of the companies on the community?
  3. How have the Miami Dade Water and Sewer and the Faena Hotel Miami Beach sustained themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Description of the Business

The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer is a company that supplies clean water to small- and large-scale shops and supermarkets in Miami. The company has been in existence for five years, and it is known for supply clean and treated water to the community and people of Miami at large (Treuer et al., 2017). The main branch of the company is in Miami. In contrast, the location of other departments is in different states of America. The organization has a total of 13 branches across the United States of America (Molinaroli et al., 2019). On the other hand, the Faena Hotel Miami Beach is a luxury hotel situated in Miami Beach and in Buenos Aires. The Faena Hotel Miami Beach and offers a range of services to individuals from worldwide, including the most prominent people, by providing food products ranging from the local swiss food to international food products.

The hotel is structured to match, providing an excellent emotional experience to individuals just like its predecessor hotel in Buenos Aires. Additionally, the hotel has 169 rooms designed with a stylish extravagance and an oceanfront. Unlike many hotels, the Faena Hotel Miami Beach accommodates guests with pets. Besides, the hotel features various amenities such as a luxurious pool, a fitness center, a spa, meeting conferences in case guests need for business summits, and a mini bar. There is the provision of babysitting services, supervised activities for children, free internet, poolside drink services, transportation from the airport, and room services when guests require anything (ABel, 2016). It is a large-scale hotel business that offers accommodation to both local and international tourists. This hotel business is known for providing high-quality services in terms of food items and accommodation services with the use of penthouse residence for guests with massive families with the desire to stay in a penthouse instead of a hotel. The hotel business in Miami is the first branch designed to envision the structure and governance of the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires.

Goals, Mission and Vision of the Companies

The goals and objectives of the two companies are quite clear, but they are distinct from one another. However, the purposes of both companies align with the sustainable development goals aimed to ensure that the livelihood of the people worldwide improves. Treuer et al. (2017), stated that the purpose of any organization should be achievable and should help the organization achieve its maximum potential and should also be able to cut across all the factors of production in any organization. One of the goals of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer is to ensure that there is the sustainability of water in the whole town of Miami. That is, the provision of vast water supply daily for the entire Miami sustains the needs of individuals.

For that reason, it is evident that the presence of sufficient clean water supply in Miami is a primary goal of development to support the growth of the area and comfortability of individuals. Another goal is to nurture the presence of a disease-free environment in the town of Miami as the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer work to ensure an unswerving supply of clean water to the city. Therefore, the company reduces the chances of infection in people's health because of using and consuming dirty water (Treuer et al., 2017). One more mission of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer supply in Miami is to make sure that they educate the public on the importance of taking clean water. On the other hand, the Faena Hotel Miami Beach has several goals and objectives, including the company's efforts to ascertain the absence of hunger in Miami state and foster development.

The hotel provides high-quality food services to the people of Miami town and the visiting tourists. In addition, excess food from the hotel is not disposed away but distributed to the people of the town. Secondly, the hotel is also working towards creating a clean environment to avoid unnecessary pollution. In most cases, hotels have been one of the leading pollutants of the environment because of the rising claims of carelessly disposed waste products to the surroundings come from guesthouses (Molinaroli et al., 2019). However, the Faena Hotel Miami Beach has been recycling most of its products; thus, eradicating and minimizing any risks of polluting the environment.

Additionally, the other goal of the Faena Hotel Miami Beach is to reduce poverty levels. Many employed individuals from the Faena Hotel Miami Beach approve of the leadership provided since, despite the company's efforts to reduce poverty by hiring individuals, all individuals need experience and documents supporting their qualifications. As such, individuals from Miami who are well qualified, with passion for the work, and meet the hotel's required standards will attain job opportunities in the Faena Hotel Miami Beach business in the coming years (ABel, 2016). The goals and objectives of the two companies have a significant impact on goals and visions of working towards achieving sustainable development goals for the state of Miami soon. One vital goal for individuals living in Miami involves helping the government of the U.S to ensure that the city is free from pollution and has zero hunger case objectives clearly defined and satisfied by the two organizations. Secondly, aiming at providing information to the people of the United States about the importance of keeping a pollution-free environment. Consequently, the goals of the organizations are in line with what most individuals from Miami and the United States aim to achieve.

Structure of the Companies

The two companies use different styles of approach in their operations. The resolute Miami-Dade Water and Sewer uses the top to the down management approach where the communication of orders is from the top hierarchy to the lower level management or the employees. Belias et al. (2015) stated that this form or style of management is very crucial at ensuring that the organization makes the most critical and crucial decisions that would help the organization to move forward and also achieve its full potential. Besides, the company is decentralized, which means that it operates in sections that receive its instructions from the top level of management.

The company has different entities that operate independently but works towards achieving typical of the company. Some of the entities in the resolute water company include the human resource department, the transport department, and the procurement department, among others. The Faena Hotel Miami Beach also uses the top to down management style, where the employees receive instructions from the top hierarchy. However, they use a more centralized method of management in their operation where there is a central entity that receives instructions from the senior management and distributes them across all the employees (ABel, 2016). Furthermore, there is more democracy in their style of control because most of the time, the employees are also involved in decision making. Therefore, making decisions roots from the views of all employees, depending on their observations and interactions with guests. The Faena Hotel Miami Beach uses different styles of communication to their employees, including the memos, communications on their websites, and email addresses to pass instructions to their employees. In contrast, the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer, which only uses email addresses as the primary form of communication.

Role and Responsibilities towards the Companies

The Faena Hotel Miami Beach's organizational chart comprises a chairperson, a board of directors, a managing director, a general manager, and an executive assistant manager at the top of the hierarchy (ABel, 2016). The middle management section consists of 6 departments with its supervisors, including a food and beverage director, a human resource manager, a sales and marketing director, a rooms division manager, a financial controller, plus a material manager. The individuals from the other sections of the departments work directly under the six managers, each with a specific role. The system's manager, an executive housekeeper, a front office manager, a security manager, and a chief engineer are the lead positions for individuals reporting to the rooms division manager. The food and beverage manager, together with the executive chef, report to the food and beverage director. The human resource manager ensures that the training manager plus the welfare department satisfy their roles and responsibilities (Lee & Edmonson, 2017). Besides, despite only focusing on the chart, as a sales and marketing manager of the Faena Hotel Miami Beach, one works under the sales and marketing director. There are many other roles and individuals in each department, depending on the person's specialty working towards achieving the hotel's goals to foster its growth.

Working in the two companies, the Miami Dade Water and Sewer and the Faena Hotel Miami Beach requires a particular set of skills and competency. Notably, upon employment, the growth of the two companies stimulates the growth of all employees and nurtures gaining more experience. The two organizations need somebody with excellent communication skills to be able to advertise their businesses (Belias et al. 2015). Furthermore, effectively communicating with customers is a skill that each employee requires. Exercising excellent interpersonal ability allows individuals to satisfy their roles. The presence of high levels of confidence enables its incorporation in production, management, and foreseeing all processes to take place as initiated. Most importantly, the skills and knowledge acquired at the university while taking courses in the hotel and hospitality industry are useful in propelling the two company's management towards the attainment of their goals.

Notably, both companies have programs put up to support the community. Thus, there is broad support and guidance for individuals to enhance their communication skills; hence, easily engage with people from different backgrounds. Notably, all provided pro...

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