Riyadh: My Home, My Childhood, and My Realizations - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-15


Riyadh is the capital of Riyadh province and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has a population of over five million people. Famous people like Abd Allah ibn `Abbas the Cousin of Prophet Muhammad, Yahya Al-Shehri Saudi Arabian footballer, and many more people have called it home. This is also where I call home. Like most children in the world, my childhood was full of trials and tribulations. The challenging times had me contemplating leaving society for good. This was fueled by the realization that women are to only put on scarfs and Abayas as clothes which made them look like are caged. I could not fathom the idea that I would flourish in such a place with draconian laws.

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All was not gloomy since I have pleasant memories of the good times I had with my friends in Riyadh. There was a rectangular turquoise swimming pool owned by expatriates we used to swim in. it had a blue cool color which would glow up during the summers. I have come to appreciate the value of true friendship and realized that unity is a strength. I have vivid memories of when we used to motivate each other as devoted friends, giving impetus to one another to have a good life and be engrossed in studies. We believed in each other's might as we were raised together. Thus, friendship has not only been my key to success but also it has been part and parcel of my personal experiences in Riyadh.

One of my best times in Riyadh was when I joined the international school. An international school is a place of variety. There are students from different places .who made the school feel like a haven for all. We used to share our different stories which helped us embrace each other and where they come from. When I used to have any difficulties whatsoever, my fellow students or4 the teachers would gladly come to my aid. These experiences made the school feel more of a family rather than just a stone building with teachers. The most notable thing about the school is that almost everyone has a smile on their face. This helps to keep the learning environment positive and conducive for interaction between students and teachers. The hot summer weather is the worst experience in Riyadh. During this period, the big red sun is so hot that it makes it unbearable for people to go about their businesses in the day. Most people prefer to sleep in during day time and work at night. I have learned to cope up with this to preserve my skin from being scald. Also during this hot weather period, it would give me and my friends chance to tell stories up to the wee hours of the morning.

Riyadh has the most luxurious malls in the world. The malls are just pure representations of architectural genius and the economic power of the people of Riyadh. The designs of the malls are the modern world fused with the Arab world. The malls have so many recreational activities. The malls are a child's dream come true. The word fun does not sufficiently explain the good times a person has in these malls.


In conclusion, for a crop to bloom it has to be watered and taken care. Similarly, people are shaped to be who they in life by their environment. Riyadh has modeled me to be an upright citizen and it is the best place to live.

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