My Work Experience as a Registered Nurse Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-21


Advanced practice registered nurse abbreviated as APRN are nurses who have completed a post-graduate degree in extensive practice in the nursing field. As an APRN in my organization, I am always affiliated with enhancing preparedness in skills, knowledge, clinical experience and educational training (Carlos, 2018). My topic is how my practice contributes to the broad approach of the roles of APRN in the plight of enhancing the utilization of high-quality assessment, advanced planning, robust evaluation of HIPAA rules and ANA code of ethics (McClelland, 2014). I experienced a challenge in dealing with patients who needed surgical therapy (Carlos, 2018). In most cases, my role as a registered nurse was undermined by patients' decisions to control the required practical nursing approach.

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How the Strategies I Learnt Have Helped Me Address Issues

In my field, I found out that creating a connection between the ANA code of ethics and HIPAA rules becomes an issue for my roles as an APRN. As a registered nurse, I found out that the functions of an APRN is overwhelming thus the incorporation of all the binding laws in the practice of a healthcare facility and the incorporation of all the ethical standards becomes an issue in a facility that serves many patients (Carlos, 2018). The strategies that we learnt and which helped me cope up with the challenging nursing practice are the necessity of APRN to maintain advanced skills in knowledge and the possible skills acquired throughout my studies in the course that granted me a chance to be a registered nurse (Carlos, 2018). I also find it easy to align my extensive knowledge of the patients and their cultural behaviors which are essential while offering nursing practice. How the Issues Were Successfully Resolved with the Application of Law

The issues of aligning skills and knowledge with the cultural values of a patient were solved appropriately since in my studies towards becoming a registered nurse offered me a chance to study diverse population, their values, and practices towards treatment and nursing practice (McClelland, 2014). Mollard (2015) outlines that as a registered nurse, I was able to deal with patients who have a strong cultural belief in their values and approaches towards treatment and care (Carlos, 2018). Through the analysis of HIPAA rules in conjunction with the proper application of ANA code of ethics, I was able to solve patients' problems with sufficient knowledge of what the law requires of me as a registered nurse.

Why I Think One or More of the Frameworks Could Be Applied for Enhancing the Firm's Competitive Advantage

To enhance our firm's competitive advantage, the best way could be aligning the facilities preferred enhancement with the most appropriate ways skilled personnel. In that perspective, the best way to enhance nursing practice with the roles of registered nurses is employing more RNs as much as the facility opts to incorporate the latest and sophisticated technology (McClelland, 2014). There is a need for enhancing the practitioners performing background duties with the skills related to better care for patients. According to Mollard (2015), there should be the incorporation of family nurse practice as a role since in most cases, midwifery philosophy requires an extensive approach for the better care of the expectant mothers and the newborn from post-natal challenges.


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